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Mar 14

Healthcare Technology Trends for 2019

How will the 2019 tech trends affect your practice?

Just like that… 2019 has arrived and a new year of possibilities is right alongside of it. What healthcare technology hangs in the balance for you and your practice to experience as the year unfolds? Let’s take a look at some of the predictions for the new year, and what opportunities await your medical practice…


Telemedicine became quite the buzzword in the healthcare sphere. In fact, 90% of healthcare executives state that they already implemented a telehealth application at their practice, or they hope to develop one. The ONC defines telehealth applications as…

  • Live (synchronous) videoconferencing: a two-way audiovisual link between a patient and a care provider
  • Store-and-forward (asynchronous) videoconferencing: transmission of a recorded health history to a health practitioner, usually a specialist.
  • Remote patient monitoring (RPM): the use of connected electronic tools to record personal health and medical data in one location for review by a provider in another location, usually at a different time.
  • Mobile health (mHealth): health care and public health information provided through mobile devices. The information may include general educational information, targeted texts, and notifications about disease outbreaks. (List information provided by

Implementing telehealth at your practice cuts down on the need for transportation to and from your office. This has the potential to significantly decrease no shows to your office and increase your bottom line. In an increasingly digital world, telehealth and telemedicine solutions are becoming more and more prevalent in practices across the country for the above reasons and more…

Health Wearables

For individuals facing chronic conditions, and for those who treat them, wearable technology helps capture data that was previously allusive to providers. Now, outside of office visits, patients or caregivers of patients capture data that paint an accurate picture of an individual’s everyday health. Some examples of the type of data that wearables capture include, heart rate, number of calories burned, blood pressure, and sugar content. We refer to this as patient generated health data, or PGHD. The ONC continues to address how providers utilize this data and how office systems interpret the information. Be on the lookout throughout 2019 as more information becomes available regarding health wearables.

EHR Growth

Did you know that between the years of 2018 and 2022 EHR growth is expected to increase by 6% each year? Many factors contribute to EHR growth – one of those being CMS. CMS shifts regulations each year, which in turn requires new individuals to participate or face large looming penalties. This alone increases EHR usage as practices work to avoid a negative payment adjustment. Another factor contributing to EHR expansion is mergers and acquisitions happening in the healthcare sector between large corporations. For instance, Veritas Capital and Evergreen Capital acquired Athena in 2018. One last factor contributing to EHR growth, is the unlimited possibility for change and improvement in the EHR market. As patient needs expand and technology advances, so does the capability of the software used to accomplish tasks and achieve goals.

These three aren’t the only healthcare technology trends listed across the industry to experience growth, improvement, and change. Keep an eye out as mobile technology, AI, blockchain, and 3D printing experience innovations that could shift the way you run your practice.

Which of these tech tools are you utilizing in your practice? See any that you haven’t implemented quite yet, but that interest you?

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