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Medical Billing Software System

Medical Billing Software System

Physician Billing Software

Taking advantage of today’s available technologies, MicroMD Solutions from Henry Schein Medical Systems offer mature and affordable software solutions that incorporate enhanced physician billing software to help your practice operate more effectively and efficiently, saving you time and money.

MicroMD PM was one of the first commercially available Microsoft® Windows-based software systems with physician billing capabilities and has since evolved into a very powerful, scalable and highly affordable practice management system that includes:

  • Insurance Billing
  • Patient Billing and Accounting
  • e-prescribing
  • Managerial Reports
  • Workflow Management
  • Finacials (including transaction and payment information)

Whether you are a solo physician office, a multi-specialty practice or a large group practice with multiple offices, MicroMD physician medical billing systems will allow you to document and bill for patient visits plus record e-prescriptions, which are first checked for compliance before being electronically submitted to most major payers.

Once recorded, the proposed payment is posted automatically, activating a claim electronically for any applicable secondary insurance.

A Versatile Physician Billing Software System

Physician billing software from MicroMD is designed to operate with a myriad of external systems and third-party interfaces, which is crucial for physician offices that rely on government and private insurance plans for much of their reimbursement.

The medical billing software supports direct Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) claim submissions for hundreds of payers without the need for clearinghouses so insurance claims and billing statements can be delivered directly to patients.

The physician medical billing software also integrates with many leading EMR systems (such as MicroMD EMR) so that patient billing information and demographics can be shared.

Expanded interoperability allows for third-party vendor and payer integration as well, for diverse applications such as electronic claims, remittance processing, eligibility inquiries and automated claim status inquiries.

With MicroMD solutions, many small and medium-sized physician offices now have the means to improve productivity, improve patient safety, automate physician medical billing, collect payments faster, automate patient scheduling, streamline workflow and manage their medical practices more efficiently.

MicroMD and Physician Medical Billing Software System Benefits

Along with powerful physician medical billing capabilities, MicroMD software solutions offer many great benefits:

  • Easy to learn and use
  • Affordable and less expensive to implement than other systems
  • Claims processing is now under physician control
  • Automatic remittance posting and electronic claims filing
  • Improves office productivity while lowering support staff costs
  • Direct submissions can dramatically reduce clearinghouse fees
  • Improved EDI processing can mean increased cash flow gains
  • Physician-owned practices report improved physician income
  • Improves operations and productivity
  • Dramatically reduces support calls
  • Streamlines regulatory compliance reporting
  • Accurate reports of payer mix by patient, secondary payers and tracking for capitation contracts
  • Reports productivity statistics for all levels of support staff
  • Includes excellent analysis tools – analyze your practice by billing provider, location or rendering provider
  • Helps reduce healthcare administrative costs

For More Information

Visit our MicroMD Solutions page for more information on all MicroMD products includingMicroMD PM- Medical Practice Management, MicroMD EMR – Electronic Medical Records software, and MicroMD DMS – Document Management Systems.

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