Improved Efficiency.
Decreased Errors.

Reduce manual entry for your front office staff with MedicScan insurance and driver’s license card scanning.

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Reduce Human Error
With manual entry work, there is always the possibility for errors to be made. Medicscan eliminates the possibility for inaccurate keystrokes to be made by automating the scanning process.

Expedite Registration
Registering new patients or updating insurance information is a breeze with Medicscan. Each scan only takes a few seconds making the registration process quick and painless for you and patients.

Improved Patient Experience
Patient experience is vital to your practice’s success. Patients want and expect a smooth registration process that takes minimal time. Medicscan makes this possible and provides accurate information for the patient’s record.

Limit Returned Claims
If inaccurate information is submitted due to typing errors, claims will be returned. By implementing automation tools, like Medicscan, you limit the possibility of returned claims based on inaccurate documentation.

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