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Improve Prescription Adherence

Reduce prescription abandonment and improve patient engagement by helping your patients afford their meds. Prescription adherence results in better health outcomes.

Seamless Integration

The HENRY SCHEIN Pharmacy Discount program is available within the EMR and, when you opt-in, seamlessly integrates directly into patient care plans.

Prescription Affordability

A free pharmacy savings program that provides up to 80% off the cost of prescriptions (avg. 54%). The easy-to-use search function allows patients to find the best price at pharmacies within their zip code.

Integration automatically incorporates prescription processing details into patient care plans, giving them immediate access to savings of up to 80% (avg. 54%). A free, easy-to-use website and app allow patients to compare prescription prices at local pharmacies.

Features of the Henry Schein Pharmacy Discounts Platform

HENRY SCHEIN Pharmacy Discounts is the next generation solution, free to both patients and providers, putting patients at the center of their healthcare.

Save up to 80% off Prescriptions

Using the HENRY SCHEIN Pharmacy Discount fulfilment details, patients can save up to 80% off prescriptions (avg. 54%). Accepted at over 62,000 pharmacies nationwide.

Mobile App for iOS & Android

As well as a website, the platform is available as a mobile app for both iOS and Android. Patients can use the app to compare prices in their zip code, store vouchers and access their Savings Card for use at the pharmacy.

Secure Prescription Management

A HIPAA-compliant My Health Portal enables patients to securely manage their prescriptions. Patients can view their prescription history, check what they paid previously, and set SMS or email reminders for refills.

Comprehensive Drug Search

Powerful search function enables patients to compare the price of their medications at local pharmacies. Results can be filtered to show generic or brand, as well as formulation, dosage and quantity to match their prescription.

Spanish Language

The website is highly accessible for Spanish-speaking patients, including drug search and vouchers. The mobile app is also easily toggled between English and Spanish.

Rewards Program

A unique Rewards program allows patients to earn Points with every transaction using HENRY SCHEIN Pharmacy Discounts. Reward Points can be redeemed for gift cards at a wide variety of brands and stores.

Prescription Adherence: Key Facts

Did you know 1 in 3 prescriptions issued are not collected at the pharmacy? Poor adherence to prescription recommendations has a significant negative impact on patient health outcomes, affects providers’ reputations and can lead to avoidable repeat visits.

50% of prescription abandonment is due to cost. However, many patients don’t realize that drug prices frequently change and vary significantly between different pharmacies. For example, even with a discount, Lipitor may cost $110 in one pharmacy, but only $9 in another. Traditional Rx discount cards do not show patients which pharmacy has the greatest savings.

The Solution…

Simply put, the solution is to make medication more affordable for patients. Access to savings programs can reduce prescription abandonment by up to 20%, leading to better adherence to treatment plans and improved health outcomes.

HENRY SCHEIN Pharmacy Discounts is a cost-free, easy-to-deploy option. When activated, prescription processing details are incorporated into all patient care plans, providing immediate access to savings. The website and mobile app also enable patients to compare pharmacies to find the best price for their prescription.


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Patient Experience

HENRY SCHEIN Pharmacy Discounts integrates seamlessly with the MicroMD EMR, but patients can also use the website or mobile app to compare prices, save vouchers and manage their prescriptions.




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Prescription Adherence

Addressing the Prescription Adherence Problem

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