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Supports Medication Adherence

30% of patients fill a prescription only when provided a sample regardless of age, income, or gender. (Source: Datamonitor)

Trusted by Prescribers

8+ million sample requests

Sponsored by Pharma Manufacturers

No cost to prescriber or patient

Rx Samples is a free and secure service that enables eligible prescribers to request medication samples through a 100% digital process with built-in regulatory compliance – easily and conveniently.

Samples Made Simple

RxSamples gives you simple access to multiple leading pharma manufacturers on a single site, then instantly sends you requests to be fulfilled by the manufacturers.

Easy to Use and Setup

Once you’ve checked your eligibility, start requesting samples within minutes. Samples usually arrive within 4-6 business days.

Convenient Workflow

Individual prescribers can access the site themselves or designate a “Sample Administrator” to prepare sample requests for all eligible prescribers in the practice in one convenient workflow.

Patient Copay Coupons

Physical cards or Print-on-Demand patient copay coupons available.

Authenticated Prescriber eSignature

eSignature is the easiest, fastest, and most secure way for a prescriber to make a sample request, allowing you to “click-to-sign” for a one-click authenticated compliant eSignature.

Reordering Requests

The Recurring Request feature helps automate sample request preparation when your new monthly allocation is available. Making it easy for prescribers to automate paperwork for future requests, sign requests only when you need a sample, and always having control of your inventory.

Easy Setup for Henry Schein Solo Practices

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Request Brands of Interest

Choose Recurring Request™ when available

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