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MicroMD EMR for Applewatch powered by Simplifeye

Simplifeye for Apple Watch® and iPhone® powered by MicroMD® EMR

Deliver a more personal patient experience.

View appointment details at a glance.

Enhance the power of productivity.

Move through your day effortlessly

Simplifeye for Apple Watch® and iPhone® powered by MicroMD® EMR, helps medical providers move through their day effortlessly. Simplifeye manages all the details of where you need to be and who you’re attending to, so you can focus on delivering the best possible patient care experience to the patient in front of you.

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Empower your team to do what they do best. Streamlining tedious tasks means your staff can spend more time building patient relationships.


Get better visibility of allergies and pre-existing conditions. Simplifeye surfaces alerts so you can make informed decisions and gain peace of mind.


Simplifeye helps create efficiencies in your practice by bringing the information you need right to your wrist. No more worrying about your patients complaining on social media that they waited too long to be seen.



Actions taken in MicroMD® EMR automatically carry over to Simplifeye’s online dashboard. From there, the appointment information goes directly to the iPhone and Apple Watch apps for easy access anytime, anywhere.


With Simplifeye it’s a snap to send notifications to individuals or custom groups. Simplifeye for Apple Watch keeps your team in sync by making patient handoffs seamlessly smooth.


Keep an eye on what’s going on in all your locations. Simplifeye provides a real-time practice overview; just toggle between offices with the tap of a finger.

Optimize your time

Simplifeye puts all the information you need right in the palm of your hand. Patient and procedure lists help you eliminate downtime and plan your day.

Smart patient queue

  • All your patients for the day, ordered by check-in time
  • Color-coded by procedure type
  • Instant, access to your schedule in the office or one the go

Coordinate with your administrative team

Remove the friction from coordinating check-ins and exam rooms. Instant communication makes your practice run like a well-oiled machine.

Cut through the noise

  • Exclusive real-time integration with MicroMD® EMR.
  • Easier, more intuitive provider notifications.
  • Live Dashboard give you a sixth sense of what happening in the office.

Keep patient info at hand

Don’t waste time running all over the office. Simplifeye on the Apple Watch gives you comprehensive appointment info the instant you need it.

Your patient is ready

  • Patient ready notifications: A silent tap on your wrist tells you when your next patient is ready to be seen.
  • Quick view appointment details: Personalize every encounter. Know your patient’s name and visit reason before you walk in the door.
  • Quick view patient information: Get a quick rundown of medications, medical alerts, vitals, patient demographics and previous appointments.

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