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Dec 10

Why Healthcare Providers Need Virtual Waiting Room Solutions More than Ever

Healthcare providers have always struggled to find an efficient, effective patient intake and registration process. Many medical practices still rely on traditional methods like printed forms on clipboards and in-office kiosk systems.

In an increasingly digital world, patients demand a more streamlined, self-service system—and providers are realizing the benefits more than ever before.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted a number of existing issues with traditional waiting rooms. By waiting until patients arrive at their provider’s office to complete their intake and registration forms, they risk potentially delaying their appointment time—the cumulative effect of which is all too familiar for office staff who need to field increasingly frustrated patients throughout the day. More importantly, the exchange of physical paper patient forms—ID and insurance cards, credit cards, etc.—increases the risk of exposure between patients and administrators.

By implementing a fully integrated mobile patient intake and registration system, medical facilities are able to keep patients safe, waiting rooms clear, and EMR systems up to date in real time.

Virtual waiting room solutions like Yosi Health allow healthcare providers to streamline the check-in process, minimize in-person contact, and give patients the freedom to complete their paperwork before they arrive at their facility.

Benefits of Mobile Patient Intake & Registration Solutions

  • Speed Up Pre-Appointment Process
  • Eliminate Need for Manual Patient Record Updates
  • Improve Infection Control & Exposure
  • Avoid Crowded Waiting Rooms & Offices
  • Minimize Office Calls Regarding Appointment Scheduling
  • Increase Patient Volume
  • Reduce Patient No-Shows or Cancellations
  • Increase Revenue with Patient Payment & Billing System
  • Improve Practice Reputation with Feedback & Review Collection

Providers aren’t the only ones who benefit from mobile patient intake and registration solutions. A recent study from SOTI shows that 75% of all patients believe physicians who leverage mobile technology provider a faster, more convenient experience—and 46% of patients are more likely to schedule follow-up visits.

The benefits of virtual waiting room solutions have been proven time and time again. Yosi Health, for example, has shown proven ROI for medical practices of every specialty and size.

Success Statistics of Yosi Health Medical Facilities

  • 20% Increase in Payment Collection
  • 45% Reduction in Patient No-Shows
  • 70% Reduction in Office Phone Calls
  • 80% Reduction in Physical Paperwork
  • 15% Reduction in Claim Denials

If you’re currently utilizing the MicroMD platform, a quality virtual waiting room solution is ready to take your practice to the next level. Yosi Health is available as both a standalone or fully integrated solution with MicroMD PM & EMR, helping healthcare providers eliminate wait times, improve patient experiences, protect both patients and providers, and increase financial results for clinical practices.

Are you looking to find out more about Yosi Health and their virtual waiting room solutions? Visit us at or call us at 800.624.8832.

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