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Dec 10

Meet the New MicroMD – Version 18 Release

MicroMD Version 18 has arrived with a sleek new look and feel that simplifies your workflow with less clicks. Our newest version of MicroMD PM and EMR offers enhancements like a provider friendly terminology search tool, questionnaire solution, and more.

*MicroMD Cloud Clients are targeted to be updated to Version 18 of MicroMD Cloud on December 20th. Please watch your emails for more information regarding this upgrade. The date is subject to change.*

Here is what’s new in Version 18:

Say hello to MicroMD PM Version 18

New Modern Look

Experience a user interface with a sleek look and feel, a new color scheme, and fresher, cleaner windows.

Eligibility Status

Users can now run the Appointment Schedule Report to generate a list of those patients for whom you still need to verify insurance eligibility.

ICD Search Lookup

Experience an easier way to search and find diagnosis codes. You can now search by code, description, acronym, misspellings and more.

Say hello to MicroMD EMR Version 18

New Modern Look

Experience a user interface with a sleek look and feel, a new color scheme, and fresher, cleaner windows.

New Standard Templates

Users can now find new Standard Templates for Letters, Referral Letters, Form Encounter Templates, Rule Manager Templates, and Administrative Forms.

2021 E&M Coding Updates

Enhancements such as a brand-new Encounter Level Calculator; a Time Tracker for time spent on patient; and the ability to insert the Total Provider Time into an Encounter Report or Text Encounter were implemented to help you meet requirements.

Hover Text Added for Dispense Information

For those ointments, aerosols, drops or sprays where data does not exist to supply an automatic calculation for you, hover text has been added to the drop-down with information about the package size and dosage form for the medication.

Let’s welcome CHADIS to our Solutions Marketplace…

CHADIS Pre-visit Questionnaire Solution

CHADIS is complete pre-visit questionnaire solution integrated with MicroMD PM and EMR that uses evidence-based tools to accurately identify problems and provide real-time suggestions. CHADIS allows clinicians to focus on patient concerns and visit agenda.

If you utilize MicroMD through a Client Server and haven’t yet upgraded to Version 18, request your upgrade today.

If you are a MicroMD Cloud client, please watch your email and login screen for confirmation on the Version 18 Cloud upgrade date.

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