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Mar 23

Version 17 – What’s New in MicroMD

Version 17 of MicroMD Practice Management & Electronic Medical Record Software is now available. This update includes enhance features, new integrated solutions to solve practice challenges, data updates, and additions designed, with you in mind, to get you back to the business of healing.

Here’s what’s new in Version 17…

What’s new in MicroMD Practice Management?

With the roll out of Version 17, we took the feedback from all of you to enhance our powerful practice management solution. Let’s take a look at some of the changes…

New Co-pay Collection Tool

You can now activate a new Collect Co-Pay tool that automatically launches a payment window at check-in if the patient has a co-pay due for their visit, as well as displaying an indicator on the appointment schedule if patient has paid or not paid their co-pay.

Search and Sort Provider Lists

With this version, the Provider Order windows in the Appointment Views, Appointment Requests, and Pending Charges now allow you to search and sort the list of providers to make it easier to find the provider you need.

Duplicate Diagnosis System Rule added to Code Scrubbing

The system now checks if there are duplicate diagnosis codes on a claim before the claim goes out to the clearinghouse allowing billers to edit the claim quickly and avoid time-consuming rejections and edits.

Insurance Card Last Scanned Date Now Displayed

The system now displays the date of the patient’s insurance card was last updated on the Plan Sets tab.


Improved Experience and Look

With this version, we have made enhancements to optimize usability and user experience throughout both solutions. Stay tuned as we will be working on more of those items to enhance your experience in 2020.

What’s new in MicroMD Electronic Medical Records?

Version 17 of MicroMD EMR harnesses the enhancements you need to propel your practice forward. Experience new scribe technology, templates, and more in Version 17.

New Scribe Functionality added to Encounter Ribbon

Users can now mark a pre-encounter as “Scribe Complete,” which moves the encounter from a pre-encounter status to an encounter status, which then notifies the provider that the ready encounter is available to review and sign.

Health Screenings Template Category Added

You can now create a new Category of template called Health Screenings. Once created, you can now also add Health Screenings to your encounter templates and complete them
during visits.

Complete and Track Patient Treatment Plans From One Location

Within the patient’s chart, you have a list of treatment plans, and each user can track their treatment plans on their Desktop. Administrators can also see a list of treatment plans that are due and overdue based on the review dates entered on the plans.

Automatically Populate Questionnaire Answers based on Question LOINC

The system will now automatically populate answers and their LOINCs based on the question LOINC you enter.

Our Newest Integrated Solutions

MicroMD is dedicated to providing you with solutions that solve your practice challenges. In Version 17 of MicroMD, we present two new solutions aimed at breaking bottleneck and providing better access to care.

Access to Solutions Central

With this version, we have added a “Main Menu” option for our Solutions Central, which is a solutions marketplace, so you can explore and connect with partners that offer integrated and standalone solutions that complement and add value to your MicroMD software.

Solutions Central

MicroMD Virtual Video Visits powered by Medpod

MicroMD Virtual Video Visits powered by Medpod is a physician to patient consultation service integrated with MicroMD PM and EMR that provides a browser-based platform for easy, virtual visits — anytime, anywhere.

Request Info

MicroMD Patient Intake powered by Relatient

Patient Intake powered by Relatient offers appealing patient-facing options, including online registration and form completion, digital signatures, insurance card and driver’s license uploads, and reminders – all prior to the appointment.

If you utilize MicroMD through a Client Server and need upgraded to Version 17, contact Client Support at 330-758-8832 to be added to the upgrade list or email us.

If you are a MicroMD Cloud client, please watch your email and login screen for confirmation on the Version 17 Cloud upgrade date.

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