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Mar 23

Version 17 Clinical Content Refresh

New Updated Clinical Content in MicroMD Version 17

Our Product Management Team is excited to announce the upcoming launch of new and updated EMR clinical content and templates. The new content and templates will be available in the release of Version 17 with the goal of providing clients with clinically relevant, easy-to-use, and efficient-to-implement out-of-the-box EMR templates that can help speed patient documentation and user adoption.

You have access to new point-and-click CliniGuide templates and updated content, including:

Diagnosis- or Complaint-Specific Assessment, Medication and Plan CliniGuide templates for each of our top specialty categories

Specialty-Specific Comprehensive (New Patient) and Focused (Follow-up visit) Review of Systems and Objective CliniGuide templates

Individual Review of System and Objective CliniGuide templates will be available per specialty to provide a higher level of customization

Well Child-Specific CliniGuide templates

What does this mean for your current templates?

In MicroMD EMR Version 17, the current standard CliniGuide templates will be replaced with the new and updated CliniGuide templates in the CliniGuide Manager (under Tools > Encounter Tools > CliniGuides > Standard). You will still be able to access and use the current standard CliniGuide templates that are available today; however, you will now find them in the new CliniBank Archive folder (under Tools > Encounter Tools > CliniGuides > Import > CliniBank > Archive). There will be no changes to CliniGuide templates you have already saved to your Shared or Personal folders.

IMPORTANT: If you currently use a standard CliniGuide template or an Encounter Wizard with a standard CliniGuide template, we strongly recommend that you start moving these templates to your Personal or Shared folders now, before being updated to MicroMD EMR Version 17.

For more information on how to move your templates over, please view the PDF below.

View Steps for Template Move

In Phase 2 of the Clinical Content Refresh, the MicroMD Product Management team has updated templates in the following areas…

Encounter Report Templates*

Encounter Wizard Templates

History/Intake Templates

Clinical Dashboard Templates

Patient Monitor Templates*

Screening Templates (Newly renamed from “Questionnaire Templates”)*

*NOTE: Current Standard templates in these areas have not been archived and remain in the Standards folder.

What does this mean for your current templates after the update happens?

Specifically for your Clinical Dashboard templates, if the Patient Overview Dashboard defaulted in your User Preferences is a Standard Clinical Dashboard template, that template will automatically update with the new and updated enhancements for that specialty template. There is nothing for you to do in this case.

To see how the update affects all the Standard templates, please view our Standard Template Need to Know document for more details.

Please note: The system does not change templates you have already saved to your Shared or Personal folders.

View Need to Know

IMPORTANT: If you are currently using Standard templates directly from the Standards folder, we strongly recommend that you save these Standard templates to a Shared or Personal folder before you update until you are able to explore our new and improved clinical content.

How do you copy templates to your Personal or Shared folders?

Follow these steps to copy a Standard template to the Shared or Personal folder:

Highlight the Standard template you want to copy

Click Copy

Choose the Personal or Shared Folder


View Steps


Keep an eye out for future communications regarding free training webinars to learn more about the new content, along with suggestions on how to best incorporate these new templates into your workflow.

In an effort to increase documentation speed for providers utilizing Dragon, the text standard templates have been updated to now include Dragon templates.

What does this mean for your current templates after the update happens?

Current functional standard text templates remain in the same area. In order to differentiate the templates a small change was made to the naming convention. All text templates will now start with the word Text, while Dragon templates begin with Dragon.

Similar to the Cliniguides our new text templates are specialty specific Comprehensive (new patient) and Focused (follow up). Templates were separated to accommodate all different styles of documentation. OBJ – signifies Objective only, ROS- review of systems only and ROS_OBJ- contain both review of systems and objective.

Please note: The system does not change templates you have already saved to your Shared or Personal folders.

Feedback or questions?

In the meantime we invite your feedback and questions about moving your templates to your personal or shared folders, please reach out to your MicroMD Support team at 330-758-8832, ext 2, open up a MicroMD Help Center ticket or email us.

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