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Jun 06

2019 MicroMD User Conference Recap

This year’s User Conference took place at the Avalon Inn & Resort, again, after receiving praise and feedback from all of you regarding the facility last year. The conference was a one and a half day gathering with a mixer after the first half day of educational sessions on May 1st. On May 2nd, our clients enjoyed a full day of educational classes and various opportunities to stop in to our fully packed vendor fair and learn more about the solutions available to them to fuel their practice.

We enjoyed meeting and speaking with clients from near and far (some as far as Alabama and Texas). There were a wide variety practices in attendance, and a handful of our Value Added Resellers who joined us for networking, learning, and hands on experience in our learning lab. Coupled with the clients that were in attendance, we also had 11 exhibiting organizations to help our clients move their practices forward.

As always, we are taking into account all of the feedback we received from all of our attendees. We received comments like, “try different locations,” and “more one-on-one lab time.” As we move forward to plan our next conference, these comments and all of the other ones we have received will be strongly considered in how we structure our next MicroMD User Conference.

Thank you to all of those who joined us at the Avalon Inn & Resort – we value your commitment to fueling a healthy practice and thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to meet with you.

Here are some of the other comments we received from this year’s attendees:

“I thought the conference was great. Registration fee is very reasonable.”

“I think the conference was informative and helpful.”

“Excellent conference!”

We look forward to hosting you at our next MicroMD User Conference!

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