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Dec 10

Thank You for Keeping Us Healthy

As the Thanksgiving holiday has recently come and gone, I want to first convey how thankful I am to every one of our clients and staff. So many of you are on the front lines of providing essential care and you continue to deliver. Know that we appreciate what you do and are here to help and support your efforts.

2020 Focus and Regulatory Reprieve Bring Significant Version 18 Enhancements

Next, I want to share how thankful we are to have had a reprieve in 2020 from years of significant regulatory requirements. Minimal changes to the Quality Payment Program and EMR certification requirements have allowed us to focus more development efforts on new software features and enhancements that drive true efficiencies and electronic workflow improvements. With the release of Version 18, not only will you have the most current CQM, QPP, E/M, and UDS changes, but you’ll also see a modernized look in both the MicroMD PM and EMR software along with ways to search and select your ICD codes in a more intuitive way. The EMR also has updated specialty lists in the Common List Builder and more current template content, including new Letters, Referral Letters, Form Encounter Templates, Rule Manager Templates, and Administrative Forms. You’ll be able to document encounters with fewer clicks and data entry in a new single screen window. When you upgrade, please be sure to review the Version 18 Release Notes to see the entire list of enhancements, and reach out if you’d like guidance on how to maximize use of any of the new functions.

2021 Focus – A New Year Brings New Enhancements

Going into 2021, our purpose continues to be on helping you reimagine healthcare. We do that by constantly monitoring the changes and challenges healthcare organizations face with care quality, patient and staff safety, interoperability, data security, patient attraction and retention, and profitability. The changes and challenges evolve quickly. Our job is to continue launching and supporting a carefully curated set of software, solutions, and services that help you turn challenges into achievements. Last year providers named EMR burnout as their biggest challenge. This year, due to COVID, providers are laser focused on the safety of their patients and staff. COVID risks have driven many practices to quickly shift how they deliver care with many implementing automated solutions for a more touchless waiting room experience, including video visits, collecting online payments, and capturing patient forms online.

We recently wrapped up our 2021 Strategic Planning that included identifying the top 10 practice challenges and the strategic priorities that we’ll be undertaking to help you meet those challenges. At a high level, we’ll continue to focus efforts on client success with more proactive outreach to help you Adopt, Implement, and THRIVE with your MicroMD software, solutions, and services. EMR burnout is still an issue and continues to be a high priority, which guides us to continue prioritizing enhancements to refine and automate clunky, manual, multi-step workflows. There will be new requirements we’ll have to meet to align with the new ONC Cures Act EMR Certification. To help you with operations and finances, we’re looking at opportunities to expand data analytics, add Natural Language Processing, and text/mobile patient payment options. We’ll also be focusing on ways to help you retain patients in the face of increasing patient consumerism.

Technology is changing the way practices keep their patients and staff safe, modernize the care delivery experience, use and protect data, and manage their finances. Our commitment to you is to continue to enhance your existing tools and launch new innovations. Please let any of your MicroMD Team members know what you’re trying to achieve so we can help you brainstorm solutions.

I wish you and yours perseverance, health, and Happy Holidays.

About the author,
Kristen Heffernan

Kristen is the general manager of Henry Schein MicroMD. She leads the operational teams that conceive, develop, launch, sell, implement, train and support the simple yet powerful MicroMD solutions.

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Kristen here.

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