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Nov 13

Success Tips for Effective Patient Emails

Patients are expecting to be engaged by their health providers more than ever before. 62% of providers are keeping in touch with patients via email* – but are these communications effective? It’s not only important to interact with patients via email, but to ensure that the email is specific to them.

Here are some tips to sending effective patient emails.

Make it personal

When scrolling through an inbox full of emails, sometimes you need something to grab you to help convince you to open it. Include your patient’s first name in the subject line to start the email experience as a true conversation. Your email will stand out against others that are not personalized, and have a greater chance of being opened.

If including the first name in the subject line doesn’t work for every email, remember you can and should include your patient’s first name in the body of the email.

Make it relevant

Another important tactic in email marketing is segmentation. You can create a variety of segments out of your audience. For example, you can send an email about flu season and aim it at mothers who have brought their children in for the common cold, or received a flu shot. Since this message is relevant to a topic that has affected them before, they are likely to engage with that email.

Although these tactics will help your email get attention, make sure most if not all of your emails have a clear call to action. A great way to measure the success of an email is to analyze how many patients took the action you wanted them to take. This could be to make an appointment or refer a friend. For more information on email marketing, please visit

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