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May 18

How to Simplify Your Denials Management

Denial Management, Root Causes, and More.

You may feel overwhelmed by the prospect of increased denials, but the good news is there are steps your practice can take to stay in control. Start by tracking denials as you receive them, noting which payers they are coming from, the reason(s) why they are occurring, the amount of reimbursement denied and when appeals need to be submitted. This information will help you monitor changes in the number of denials you receive, so you can allocate an appropriate amount of staff time and resources to handle denials during these early months of ICD-10.

Here are three ways you can find the root causes of denials:

  1. Confirm your practice is using the correct diagnosis and procedures codes.
  2. Review your reason codes from payers.
  3. Monitor which payers are sending high numbers of denials.


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