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Sep 20

Ways to Save Time & Money through Automated Communication

Automated Communication and Your Practice

Communicating with your patients plays a key role in the health of your practice. To build strong relationships and improve your business, you need to keep in touch with them regularly. Learn how to utilize your patient database proactively to maximize revenue and optimize workflow. Use automated marketing that integrates with MicroMD!

We are releasing TEN new features to help you stay in touch with patients and we think your practice should consider these three to start!

1. Follow-up Care & Recall Appointments

Following up with patients after their appointments is crucial for the patient and for the practice. A great way to keep new patients is to put a retention strategy in place. As much as it is marketing, it is also just good medical practice. Whether they are in a treatment plan or need an annual check-up, patients need to be reminded to schedule appointments!

2. Surveys

Nobody is perfect and can you be sure you’re maximizing customer satisfaction? Collecting valuable input from patients will help improve how you run your practice. It also provides the patient an avenue to tell you what you’re doing great or even what you could improve. Use surveys to identify problems before they surface online and retain the ability to address them quicker.

3. Birthday Greetings

We know that you care for your patients so why not let them know that you’re thinking of them? It is an easy way to stay engaged and connected. It really can make a difference if you make it personal, unique, and something they will remember.
AutoRemind has partnered with MicroMD to help practices achieve efficiency through electronic communication. Want to learn the other great ways of staying connected with your patients? Schedule a quick and easy one-on-one webinar or visit our website for more information. Please reach out to your MicroMD sales representative with any questions.

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