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Sep 20

Introducing iPAC: Join our innovation initiative

Join MicroMD’s Innovation Products Advisory Council

Do you have an eye for innovation? Are you attracted to tech? If so, you are exactly what we’re looking for to join MicroMD’s iPAC. Our new iPAC, Innovative Products Advisory Council, is a client group we are forming to help us decide what new auxiliary services we should bring into the MicroMD fold. By joining the iPAC you directly influence the future of MicroMD and its service offerings.

What do I have to do?

The client commitment for those on the iPAC is simple and straightforward:

  • Participation: iPAC members will participate in up to three Proof of Concepts (POCs) every six months.
  • Help us stay on track: As an iPAC member you’ll work closely with MicroMD, using products and services to see how they work.
  • Feedback: You will then need to provide constructive feedback on the products and services you use, as requested, in order to influence whether we move forward with those products and services.

What’s in it for me?

There are a number of member benefits to joining the iPAC:

  • Early Access: You will get to see and test out innovative products and services that we’re gauging for market potential.
  • Influence: Be an important part of helping us map out our product strategies and prioritize the products and services we develop.
  • Support Plan Discounts: As long as you are participating in the iPAC, you will enjoy a $50 reduction on your support invoice each month.
  • Product Discounts: Enjoy discounted pricing when you purchase the products and services that you’ve tested that made it into our portfolio of services.

So, how do I join?

If you’re interested in becoming part of MicroMD’s iPAC and influencing the future of MicroMD, contact Manager of Product Management, Heather Kelty for more information and to get signed up.

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