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Jul 21

Version 12 is here!

The wait is over and MicroMD PM + EMR Version 12.

Version 12 is here with upgrades designed to help your practice operate more efficiently and productively, while improving patient satisfaction! Version 12 upgrades include:

Electronic Prior Authorization for Rxs (ePA)

Take the guesswork out of prescribing by getting prior authorization right in your MicroMD ePrescribing workflow. (Note: Client must be signed up for ePrescribing and also sign up for ePA service.)

Face-to-face Time Tracker

Know exactly how much time you spend in each patient encounter, allowing for accurate coding.

Group Charting

Do you have a group of encounters that begin exactly the same way? Don’t retype the same information in each encounter anymore, but save time by starting them all at once with Group Charting.

Phone Message Improvements

Previously added comments are now saved on Phone Message threads so that the whole conversation can be seen even after multiple replies.

Credit Card on File Technology

For all ePayments clients, this new feature affords the ability for a credit card to be kept on file for the purpose of balance billing. This feature integrates with the Payment Planning Module and also offers automatic billing of budget amounts using stored credit card information with ePayments.

If you utilize MicroMD through a Client Service and haven’t upgraded to Version 12 yet but want to do so, contact Client Support at 330-758-8832 and select option 2 for EMR Support or option 3 for PM Support or email If you are a MicroMD Cloud client, you will be automatically upgraded on June 26, 2016 and further communications about this upgrade will be coming to you shortly.

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