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Jul 21

Signing up for training is simple with MicroMD’s new Training page!!

Have you added to your staff recently?

Do some of your veteran employees need a little refresher to get the most of your MicroMD software?

No matter why you need training, signing up is easier than ever thanks to MicroMD’s new Training website.

Our new training site allows you to choose between EMR, PM, and General Training and clearly displays the classes available for each category, as well as their descriptions. With one click, you’re able to add the courses your staff needs to your Training Cart. Once you fill out and submit the simple form, our Training staff will see that you’re looking to learn and will reach out to you quickly to get you scheduled!

Your staff will be up to speed in no time! It’s simple to sign up with MicroMD’s new Training site. Get started today!


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