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Jul 21

MicroMD Tips and Tricks

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MicroMD Tips & Tricks Q2 2016

Check Patient eligibility from the Patient Sequence Window

Did you know that you could Check Patient eligibility from the Patient Sequence Window or the Charges Window? Simply right click while hovering over the green Insurance bar and select Patient Eligibility. The Eligibility Response Window will open and allow you to click on the Eligibility Icon.

Click the image to enlarge

Patient Sequence Windows

Look up Direct Mail by zip code – Version 12 Only

From the Desktop under Desktop Navigator select Mail

Select Mail

Select the (New) button to create a new Mail message

Click the images below to enlarge

New Mail Screenshot

Select the lookup button next to the (To:) field

Select Look Up

Select the Direct Users tab

Direct Users

Now you can search by or sort by payer ID. – Version 12 Only

Have you ever wished you could search for your insurance plans by payer ID?

Now you can.

In version 12 under Maintenance > Plan change the based on to Payer ID.

Search For Box

In the Search for box enter the desired payer ID. For example payer ID 62308 for Cigna, and click Search.

Search All

New Forwarding Option for DMS Documents – Version 12 Only

A Forward option has been added to DMS. This will allow users to forward an attachment, similar to the same function from the Desktop. This is for EMR users only. If the user is not accessing DMS from the EMR, this Forward button will be disabled.


Search All

Once the forward button is clicked the system will open up the forward attachment window where the user can associate an order, change the folder and attach it to the user that they would like to send it to.


Encounter Report

MicroMD will search for each plan that has the payer ID you are searching for located in the payer ID field on the ID’s tab.


Payer ID


Plan List

You can also sort your plan list by payer ID.

If you notice we have added a new column in the plan list called Payer ID.

If you hover your mouse over the column header you will see the A/Z. If you left click your mouse the column will sort by the payer ID.


Plan List Sort

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