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Jul 21

Perspective Article

General Manager Perspective

We are excited that June 2016 will bring about the launch of our new Client Support Software. We have carefully selected a solution to meet the needs of both our clients and internal client services staff. In the very near future, you will have the first opportunities to interact with the software and our support team as they utilize this new tool to create efficiencies in our support processes and increase the caliber of care we provide to you. As we roll the software out later this month, I’d like to share the goals we will are planning to achieve:


  • Access to view all your tickets in a customer portal
  • View notes on the ticket and progress
  • Visibility to knowledge-based articles and videos (coming in Phase 2) associated to the key words you are submitting in a ticket

Resources at your finger tips

  • Algorithm based technology to bring documentation, articles and videos (coming in Phase 2) to the surface relevant to your need
  • Quicker response time – ticket assignment process is automated, decreasing time from submission to agent
  • Ability to provide more specific details in your ticket via form technology to accelerate assistance

Enhanced communication options

  • Ability to group clients with a specific need and communicate to all quickly
  • Updates can be sent with each progress point to keep you more connected
  • Ability to automate communications on your tickets so you know when an issue has been closed/resolved
  • Surveys for each interaction – We want to know how we did so we can continue to improve

Enhanced Analytics

  • Ability to see trends in the data and address those needs
  • Track time to call, time to resolution and various specific metrics to ensure adherence to contact standards
  • All agents will be measured by timeliness, resolution and satisfaction

Look for the communications coming via Client Alert later this month and make sure you log into the Online Portal soon so that you can begin to realize the benefits of this new investment MicroMD has made to enhance our service to you. We will continue to build the online content, articles and videos to better assist you. Please share your feedback; this investment was made with you in mind and your opinion matters to us!

Committed to your success,
Heather Ansell

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