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Jul 21

Optimize Your Dragon

How to best optimize your Nuance® Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 Profile

Your profile is an important part of your practice. Created after installing the application, it collects and contains all of your voice data, templates, and vocabulary. Over time, you may find that you need assistance with some aspect of profile maintenance, whether it’s transferring it to a new computer, restoring it, improving it, or backing it up.

You can maintain your profile accuracy by following some of the best practices below:

Accents: If you believe you have an accent, choose it from the list of accents during profile creation. But if you’re unsure, choose Standard. When you run the optimization process, Dragon Medical will decide if your voice qualifies for one of its accent models or not.

Optimization/Accuracy Tuning: This is a process that helps Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 make changes to your profile based on corrections, training, and other speech data.

These are some basic functions that should be well understood by any organization using Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 to dictate patient encounters. Some of these functions are configured by default, but you will see that they tend to be interrelated and/or interdependent.

If you have a profile you created within two previous versions of Dragon Medical Speech Recognition, and you want to use it in Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 you can certainly do that. After you install the newer version of Dragon Medical over the previous one, the software will guide you through the upgrade process.

To learn more, reach out to us for a free consultation. We would appreciate the opportunity to help you put together a workflow that’s right for you. Please contact your MicroMD sales representative today, visit our page or contact Jeremy Vicedomini at

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