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Jul 21

Do we have KLAS?

Tell us what you think.

What’s a business without its clients? Quite frankly, nothing. Your satisfaction, as a MicroMD client, means the world to us, and each time you provide us with feedback you give us the opportunity to improve our processes and product and work to make you satisfied.

One way that we look for client feedback is through KLAS surveys. KLAS is an organization that solicits objective feedback from users and publishes the data for your peers to review. The data is also made available to vendors so that we can improve our sales, support, products, and services. We value the KLAS surveys, specifically because KLAS’ mission is to improve healthcare technology by delivering honest, accurate, and impartial vendor performance measurements. We want to know, truthfully, how we are doing so that we can celebrate our successes and improve on the areas that could use some work. We have been KLAS subscribers for years and review KLAS published data, analyze feedback, and use the information to plan solutions to be sure your experience with Henry Schein MicroMD is the best it can be.

Are you satisfied with MicroMD? Take a survey and let us know! Are there a couple of things you might change if given the opportunity? Please, take a survey and let us know. It’s easy and it helps us to make sure that our software is streamlining your workflow and allowing you to concentrate on what you care about most – patient care.

Use the links below to tell us what you think!


Take the PM Survey Take the EMR Survey


To fill out a KLAS survey, sign in to your KLAS account and select the survey that matches the MicroMD software you wish to rate. Don’t have a KLAS account? Creating a new account is free and easy. Once you’ve submitted your survey, a KLAS researcher will follow up with you to verify your responses via a brief phone conversation.

MicroMD appreciates your time and honesty as it helps us achieve our greatest goal – serving you!

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