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Jun 06

Stop the Denial Insanity! Effective Prevention Outweighs Denials!

Are you employing effective denial management to your practice’s revenue cycle activities?

Have you considered denial prevention as a strategy to prevent denials before they occur?

Are you are faced with the reality of denials management on a daily basis?

According to MGMA, the cost to rework a single claim can cost $25 or more. Plus – only 2/3 of denials are recoverable through traditional denial management efforts.

The vast majority of providers deal with the reality of denials management every day and even employ dedicated resources that focus exclusively on chasing their hard-earned revenue. What if the best possible denials management strategy was to prevent denials before they occur?

Utilizing the integrated Alpha II Clinical Claim Scrubbing through your EDI partner – Practice Insight, you can provide significant help in preventing the denials from occurring.

The net result is decreased days in A/R, increased cashflow and increased reimbursements.

Please read the attached article written by Tim Mills, Chief Growth Officer at Alpha II, to find out how to prevent denials from occurring.

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Your partner – Practice Insight with the assistance of Alpha II, can help you better understand your denial prevention by providing your practice a:

  • Claims Error Assessment
  • Financial Impact Assessment
  • Workflow Assessment
  • Integration Analysis

Please contact your Client Insights Manager, John Webb, to discuss an assessment. You can email John or call him at 1-800-624-8832.

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