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Sep 11

My Voice for MicroMD – What it is & what it will be

As we evolve your MicroMD software, we evaluate a host of input sources to determine enhancements and new integrated tools and services. We monitor industry trends. We look for regulatory and payment program requirements. We review feedback from Client Support inquiries. We ask our Trainers. We ask our Sales team. We see what the competition is offering. And – mostly importantly – we solicit client input. After all, who better to know what MicroMD PM + EMR needs to do than the people using it every day. We use the online MyVoice tool as a channel for clients to help us submit and prioritize feature requests. MyVoice for MicroMD allows users a quick and easy way to submit enhancement ideas for MicroMD PM + EMR software. From there, you can vote on and view the status of suggestions from other clients to improve the clinical and financial features of your MicroMD software.

MyVoice for MicroMD is a great source of new ideas and inspiration to help us serve your practice with enhancements that benefit all stakeholders in the healthcare continuum. In the coming months we’ll unveil some requested changes to the MyVoice process, including clarifying usage guidance, tools to help users better share the business case for requested enhancements, and more proactive communication on the status of requests. Together, as partners in helping providers get back to the business of healing, we can all benefit from each other’s ideas and continue to create the best PM + EMR solutions in the market.

We look forward to reviewing the areas you feel need improvement and working towards a better product for all of our users.

Click here to register and submit your first enhancement idea through MyVoice for MicroMD.

IMPORTANT REGISTRATION INFORMATION FOR FIRST TIME USERS… the MyVoice registration process occurs in steps. First, on the “Sign In” screen, enter your e-mail and name. Then click the “Sign Up” button to submit your registration request. We’ll review your registration to confirm status as a client or Value Added Reseller (VAR); this review takes approximately 24 hours. We’ll send you an e-mail with your login information after verification is completed. After you receive your login information, you’ll be able to access the site begin submitting enhancement ideas.

Please note: While MyVoice is a the critical tool for your MicroMD teams to receive and prioritize client requests, voting results do not guarantee that a request will be implemented into the product.

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