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Jun 12

MicroMD Employees take the Biggest Loser Challenge

It was an amazing 12 weeks of the Biggest Loser Challenge here at MicroMD. Starting on March 19th through June 11th, we had 17 final participants, who combined lost an incredible 188.4 lbs. Losing weight can be quite challenging. Many times, motivation and self-discipline need to be present for successful weight loss. Here is what our top three losers had to say about their motivation and successful weight loss.

Third place winner, Joyce Wicks, said feeling better was motivation for her to lose weight. She succeeded in doing this by changing her eating plan to a low – no carb diet. Second place winner, Aaron Selway’s motivation was to keep up with his three year old daughter. First place winner, Charlie Hockenberry, also stated wanting better overall health as his motivation to kick the extra pounds. He was able to do this successfully by portion control and reducing his carbohydrate and sugar intake.

Top three biggest losers:

1st Charlie Hockenberry, Data Services Technician – total percentage loss 15.38%

2nd Aaron Selway, Software Support Technical Specialist II – total percentage loss 15.01%

3rd Joyce Wicks, Software Support Specialist II – total percentage loss 10.70%

Congratulations to all who became losers!

Left to Right: Charlie Hockenberry, Aaron Selway and Joyce Wicks

Left to Right: Charlie Hockenberry, Aaron Selway and Joyce Wicks

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