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Sep 20

MicroMD PM Tips and Tricks

MicroMD Q3 Tips and Trips 2016

Billing Inquiry – Refile Claims/Sequence Notes

Did you know you can add a Sequence Note or edit and reset a claim right from the Billing Inquiry Screen

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[popup_trigger id=”18831″ tag=”span”]billing inquiry screen 1[/popup_trigger]


Adding a Sequence note is from the Billing Inquiry Screen! No need to close and open in another!

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[popup_trigger id=”18834″ tag=”span”]billing inquiry screen 2[/popup_trigger]

Editing a claim is a snap from the Billing Inquiry screen too! Once it’s complete you can also set the claim back to print and it will be ready to go with your next batch of claims!

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[popup_trigger id=”18836″ tag=”span”]billing inquiry screen 3[/popup_trigger]

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