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Jun 17

Introducing MicroMD’s New Help Site

Just as we encourage you to reimagine care delivery with MicroMD Solutions, we’re reimagining our documentation and user instructions to better serve your needs.

In order to stay relevant in the digital/mobile landscape we live in, we needed to find a way to break down any barriers to quick answers. The information is there; you just need to be able to get to it, and get to it quickly. All information about MicroMD and using MicroMD is now in one place under one search field. In an upcoming version, you will also be able to access the new Help Site directly from the Help menu in either product.

All MicroMD documentation
…under ONE SIMPLE SEARCH field.

Our primary goal is to simplify our software documentation, funnel all information about one topic into one area, and get straight to the point.

With the new MicroMD online help site, you can search all information about the PM, EMR, DMS, Patient Portal, Incentive Programs, UDS Reporting, and more on ONE site with ONE search field. You will also find Release Notes that provide information about the two most current versions of the software.

What you see now is Phase 1. This was to build the structure of the site and add the main PM and EMR reference manual content as well as the Release Notes and “Update Guide” content. It also contains the documentation for the Patient Portal, MicroMD DMS, 2021 Clinical Quality Measures, and UDS Reporting. Believe it or not, there is still quite a substantial amount of MicroMD knowledge to gather and add to the site.

From here on out, the site will continue to evolve and we’ll add the remaining content.  We will also continually improve the overall site as we learn more about what works and what doesn’t and about what you need and don’t need.

We’re super excited to bring you this useful new tool and can’t wait to see where the road takes us.

Go ahead and check it out!


Use this search field as your main tool to search all content on the site—from any page.


On the home page, you can quickly jump to different areas of the site. These will vary over time as we learn more of what’s important to you or what we need you to access.


The featured resources provide quick access to common reference materials or (temporarily) legacy manuals.


Click any Related Content for useful information, videos, or other topics we think you may find helpful related to the current topic.

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We’d love to hear about your experience after using this site—positive OR negative. If it’s broken, let us fix it. If you have ideas, let us hear it. Take a quick 30-second survey or send your thoughts directly to

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