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Mar 23

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Dear MicroMD Clients…as we all tune into the evolving Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic events, I first want to thank you for being on the front lines of patient care. We recognize the critical services you and your teams provide – and the risk you potentially take. Second, I want to reassure you that the Henry Schein and MicroMD teams are prepared with strong business continuity plans spanning multiple divisions and teams. Henry Schein, Inc. is coordinating with the White House and the FDA to accelerate the delivery of critically needed PPE and rapid testing. Lastly, MicroMD has focused on reducing spread and exposure by working from home for the last 2 weeks. As a technology company, we’re well-versed in connecting remote resources and people, including employees who work remotely.

Your MicroMD teams are actively committed to ensuring you have the technology resources you need to keep your practice running and your patients healthy, in the office, or remotely. That includes access to your MicroMD Support team and resources, continued connectivity through virtual meetings and training, patient virtual video visit options, and electronic payment options for your patient statements or MicroMD invoices.

Best way to reach MicroMD Support – Request your online MicroMD Help Desk login

If you don’t already have a MicroMD Help Desk login, we recommend that you request your login today. While we continue to offer support for phone inquiries, in the event of unusually high call volume, the most efficient way to reach us is to submit an online Help Desk ticket.

Conduct in-person meetings and trainings virtually

If you have any in-person meetings or visits scheduled with our team, we’re equipped to conduct efficient and effective virtual meetings and trainings. Please coordinate with your MicroMD contact if you would like to discuss alternatives for in-person meetings.

Are you considering telehealth to help with COVID-19?
MicroMD has a Video Visits solution to empower your readiness plan.

Telehealth options can help providers manage an influx of patient visits, give patients the flexibility to stay in the comfort of their own home, and help minimize the exposure risk. We’re actively implementing video visits for clients right now. If you have an interest in purchasing and implementing video visits, request information on MicroMD Virtual Video Visits.

Interested in signing up for virtual MicroMD Invoicing and Payments?

We have options to receive your invoice via email, automate your monthly payments via ACH, Credit, or Debit card, to send us your only ACH payment. Contact Glen Hall

About the author,
Kristen Heffernan

Kristen is the general manager of Henry Schein MicroMD. She leads the operational teams that conceive, develop, launch, sell, implement, train and support the simple yet powerful MicroMD solutions.

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