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Mar 28

Streamline Patient Registration and Add Value to your Front Office with MedicScan®

Reduce Manual Processes with MedicScan

Identity management solutions allow healthcare officials and institutions to improve the on-boarding process by eliminating extraneous paperwork and their associated costs. But it goes beyond cutting down on paperwork. Solutions like MedicScan help reduce labor costs, improve the flow of patient information and transactions, and reduce problems like claim rejections owed to wrong or missing information.

Using Acuant’s MedicScan at the front desk of a doctor’s office or hospital allows patients to be processed in record time. Their information is quickly and accurately captured from an insurance card or ID, their EMR auto-populated, and their identity verified in a matter of moments. MedicScan software works with desktop scanners and mobile devices and can easily integrate into your MicroMD PM application. This saves time for all parties involved, particularly patients and employees. Automating the intake process boosts efficiency by drastically cutting down on potential for human error during intake, further reducing time spent on rejected insurance claims.

With reliable identity solutions in place, healthcare can cut labor costs and wasted time by eliminating hundreds of keystrokes per intake, which frees up resources and personnel that can be better allocated. Devoting those resources to better patient care creates a lasting impression that helps build credibility and a better reputation.

MedicScan’s mobile identity solutions create a sense of self-sufficiency that many patients may prefer. With tablets or kiosk systems, they can handle their own registration and check-in. This is another contributing factor to lowering labor costs and improving the patient experience. Having self-service check-ins streamlines the registration process by further automating the input and recall of patient information.

MedicScan also works remotely via mobile applications for emerging healthcare apps and telehealth options involving verification via biometric technology such as facial recognition or finger print authorization with smartphones.

Want to learn more? Let Acuant help your practice get started with taking your patient registration to the next level.

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