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Sep 11

A New Way to Start Medication Cost Conversations

Price Transparency Tool Available in MicroMD EMR

In Version 16, set to be released in Q3 of 2019, MicroMD EMR users have a powerful new price transparency tool available in their e-prescribing workflow. Real-Time Prescription Benefit shows prescribers exactly what their patient can expect to pay for their medication based on their benefit plan, along with therapeutic alternatives and any coverage restrictions such as prior authorization requirements.

When prescribers have this information in hand, their entire practice benefits. Staff spend less time fielding calls from pharmacists and filling out prior authorization forms. Meanwhile, patients start treatment sooner at a price they understand and are more likely to be able to afford—improving adherence and ultimately health outcomes.

It’s a better experience for everyone, and it’s remarkably simple to get started.

How Real-Time Prescription Benefit Works

  1. When selecting a medication, a prescriber performs a Real-Time Prescription Benefit check within the e-prescribing workflow.
  2. In real time, data is sent directly from the patient’s pharmacy benefit manager so the prescriber sees what the patient will pay at their choice of pharmacy.
  3. The prescriber can also review up to five therapeutic alternatives for the selected drug, complete with cost and coverage information.
  4. Flags for prior authorization and step therapy alert the prescriber to any requirements that might stand in the way of filling the prescription.
  5. The prescriber and patient make a choice together, and the patient leaves confident that they’ll receive their medication at a price they can afford.

3 Quick Cost Conversation Tips for Prescribers

Discussing medication costs with patients can feel awkward at first, but prescribers who make it part of their process find the benefits are well worth it. These best practices will help prescribers and patients get the most out of using Real-Time Prescription Benefit:

  • Be proactive. You can’t always tell who may be struggling to afford their medications. Make it a habit to check what patients will pay and ensure it works for their budget.
  • Share your screen. If your tablet or computer allows it, let your patient follow along as you review cost information and medication alternatives.
  • Let patients know that cost concerns are normal. And they are: In a given year, cost prevents 3 in 10 U.S. adults from taking their medications as prescribed. Consider opening the discussion by sharing that you know cost can be a barrier for patients. Many patients will be relieved to know the topic’s not off-limits—and even more relieved to learn you can help them find affordable options.

Learn more about the Surescripts tools activated in your MicroMD workflow designed to help you make medication decisions with comprehensive, patient-specific drug benefit and cost information. See the impact on patients and prescribers in 2018. Read the 2018 Impact Report.

If you have questions regarding this new feature, please call into MicroMD at 1-330-758-8832 and select option 2 for EMR support.

Piqued your interest?

Real-Time Prescription Benefit is coming soon in Version 16. During the MicroMD 2019 User Conference, be sure to visit the Surescripts table and attend the education session, titled From Hot-Topic to Healthcare Reality to learn more. Until then, visit our website to for more information about Real-Time Prescription Benefit and Electronic Prior Authorization.

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