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Dec 11

Launch Announcement: MicroMD CDS Powered by Persivia

MicroMD CDS (Clinical Decision Support) powered by Persivia arms providers with real-time evidence-based alerts, guidelines, and protocols to close care gaps and improve quality measure scores. Accessible directly in the MicroMD EMR workflow, MicroMD CDS works behind the scenes to query Persivia’s vast library of over 30,000 outcome driven clinical care rules for multiple specialties to support clinical decision making.

Why are clinical decision support (CDS) tools important?

Reduction in misdiagnoses

According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, it is estimated that 10-30% of medical errors are errors in diagnosis. Misdiagnosis presents a huge problem as an illness cannot be adequately treated until it is accurately identified. The use of CDS tools can greatly reduce these errors, allowing for a better health outcome for patients.

Improve efficiency

When mistakes in diagnosis are made, valuable time and resources are wasted. It’s estimated by the Institute of Medicine that between 17 and 29 billion dollars annually is spent on inaccurate or unnecessary care as the result of misdiagnosis. This not only negatively effects the patient’s health outcome, it also negatively effects the efficiency of the provider and the practice’s bottom line.

Relevant information at provider’s fingertips

The concept of physicians double-checking their assessments with the use of evidence-based knowledge is nothing new. However, the ability to have this information readily available to a provider and the entire care team working on a patient’s case increases the efficiency of this task. By turning to CDS, clinicians can be confident that they are always receiving consistent, reliable information that is relevant to their specific patient.

MicroMD CDS Powered by Persivia includes Over 30,000 outcome-driven clinical care rules across multiple specialties and practice goals!

Are you interested in learning more about how MicroMD CDS can improve care outcomes at your practice?

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