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Jun 06

Community Outreach Update: A Helping Hand at New Lease on Life Animal Shelter

Summer Community Outreach at MicroMD

On Saturday, June 1st, the MicroMD team came together to volunteer at the New Lease on Life Animal Shelter in Struthers, Ohio. This is the same shelter that the group volunteered at last year and spent time washing dogs, cleaning litter boxes, and doing other various tasks throughout the shelter.

Before our visit this year, the Facebook page for New Lease on Life had released a statement that they urgently were in need of several items. Through donations Team Schein Members were able to collect a majority of these items and donate them to help out. This shelter in a nonprofit organization, and is fueled by the help of volunteers and the donations of the community.

At this volunteer outing, 7 MicroMD employees and their loved ones were able to lend a helping hand and complete a multitude of tasks that were in need of completion. Together, the following tasks were accomplished…

  • Over 10 dogs received a walk around the block
  • Litterboxes were cleaned and refilled
  • Cats were given fresh water and food
  • The floor was swept and mopped

All of the volunteers were able to give the animals an extra dose of love, time, and patience throughout the day. These TSMs were also able to see how wonderful the process of animal adoption is as several animals found their forever homes with their new loving families.

Maria, the owner, previously stated she doesn’t receive a lot of help during the summer from volunteers. She seemed very grateful for the return of MicroMD employees to help shoulder some of the work at the shelter throughout the two hours that the team was there.

MicroMD Team Schein Members are all looking forward to helping out in the community in other ways throughout the remainder of the year! We are hopeful that some will come back to volunteer at New Lease on Life in the future, and that our group will be back next year to lend a helping hand.

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