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Dec 11

Elements of a HIPAA Compliance Program

HIPAA Compliance, MicroMD, and Your Practice

HIPAA is the federal law requiring a healthcare provider (provider) to guard the privacy and security of a patient’s protected health information (PHI). Every provider must create and maintain a HIPAA Compliance Program or risk fines and bad publicity from regulators.

The first step in creating a HIPAA compliance program is to understand the required elements. These elements not only set the framework for a successful compliance program but are also reviewed by regulators during an audit.


Providers must regularly train its “work force.” Initially, training is basic but will become more sophisticated over time. Training will cover all subjects of HIPAA compliance program such as privacy, security and notification procedures.


To initiate the HIPAA compliance program by conduct an assessment of the practices security, privacy and breach notification practices, policies and procedures. These assessments look at the current state of HIPAA compliance. Once completed the assessment should also clearly catalogue the steps necessary for implementing a successful HIPAA compliance program.

Policies and Procedures and Supporting Documentation Supporting documents

Another key element is to create and implement policies and procedures that document your HIPAA Compliance Plan. The Supporting documentation are used to carry out Policies and Procedures.

Periodic Refresh

Even when you have implemented a HIPAA compliance program, your obligations have not been discharged. This is because HIPAA compliance programs require a regular refresh looking at its continued effectiveness. Thankfully refreshes usually are much easier to accomplish once an effective HIPAA compliance program is implemented!

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