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Dec 11

Prescription Electronic Prior Authorization is Evolving…

ePA Automation in Your Workflow

When first introduced to the market, prescribers perceived electronic prior authorization capabilities to simply be an electronic way to complete complicated forms and many resisted adopting this perceived extra step in their prescription workflow. However with tales of sticker shock, treatment delays, prescription abandonment and frustrating call backs growing in practices and pharmacies, adoption slowly began to take root.

New innovations in electronic prior authorization for prescriptions pioneered by Surescripts, now mean that when this tool is enabled, a prescription prior authorization request is automatically sent to your patient’s pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) when a drug-therapy plan requiring a prior authorization is prescribed. There is no longer an extra step.

Significant workflow efficiencies are now possible using electronic prior authorization. Surescripts Electronic Prior Authorization for prescriptions tool uses dynamic logic and is fueled by actionable intelligence from their extensive PBM network connections, and consequently, only relevant questions are required to initiate and complete a prior authorization request within the EHR workflow. The required question set is delivered to your worklist electronically (usually within 7 seconds!1). According to a recent study2, physicians and staff using Surescripts Electronic Prior Authorization have reduced the time they usually spend on processing prior authorizations by almost 50%.

What could you accomplish with that much additional time? Could you spend more time with patients? Work fewer extra hours?

As a MicroMD user, you likely already have Surescripts Electronic Prior Authorization for prescriptions enabled in your workflow. Be sure to check your worklist for electronic question sets, rather than waiting for the pharmacy to notify you of a prior authorization requirement. Doing so will help you achieve maximum time savings, especially because most approvals are returned in less than one minute3 – decreasing processing time for you and reducing time to therapy and frustration for patients.

Surescripts Electronic Prior Authorization for prescriptions is available free of charge in MicroMD EMR Version 12.0 and higher. To learn if you currently have this functionality enabled, or to request activation for your practice, contact MicroMD Client Support by email or at 330-758-8832.

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2 Surescripts internal network data, 2017 (case study of PBM and provider results)
3 Surescripts internal network data, 2017

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