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May 18

Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 Assists Physicians to Deliver Higher Quality Care

Speech Recognition Software to Speed Up Documentation Processes

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 speech recognition software is better than ever! You speak a command, and the software knows what to do, allowing you, the user, to be more efficient. You can speak 3 times faster than you can type, so productivity levels grow allowing you to become more effective.

Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 assists physicians, clinicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, therapists, and other care providers efficiently navigate and dictate medical decision-making and treatment plans directly into a patient’s electronic record. It is designed especially for smaller practices, to help busy clinicians get the most detailed notes into the EHR, which assists in attaining higher reimbursement rates.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 ensures clinicians document care more completely and “in their own words”. Clinicians using an EMR powered by Dragon Medical have experienced substantially greater satisfaction than clinicians who use the EMR without the software. Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 is 99% accurate right out of the box, and it becomes more accurate over time, as it learns your voice.

By increasing the speed and accuracy of patient documentation, physicians gain more time in their daily schedule, allowing them to spend more time with each patient, yielding a higher quality of patient care.  Dragon Medical supports HIPAA guidelines, making it a smart and safe speech solution for well over 200,000 physicians.

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