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Mar 17

3 Quick Reasons to Implement Integrated Payments

Convenient bill pay is CRITICAL for practices – yours included.

Providing the highest level of care is a top priority for any medical office. Although healthcare is a complex and ever-changing industry, when it comes to paying a bill, consumers demand the same simple consistency that they’ve come to expect from any other service.

Accepting integrated payments can be a game changer, helping facilitate faster and easier bill remittance for your patients while also streamlining daily tasks for your practice.

3 QUICK facts on WHY to CHOOSE Integrated Payments with Worldpay

  1. Meet demand for a frictionless experienceOnline healthcare portals are becoming more common, allowing patients to schedule appointments, access medical information, and now, pay their bills—all from their own device in the comfort of their own home. Removing payment friction in this way provides a better overall experience for your patients.
  2. Increase staff productivityAutomating billing practices save staff time and effort, and reduce the occurrence of errors. With online payments, manual tasks such as data entry, processing paper invoices, and managing customer disputes, are minimized—or completely eliminated.
  3. Enhance payment securityWhile the move toward EMV chip card payments has raised some concerns about the migration of fraud to online targets, eCommerce solutions actually enhance security in customer billing and remittance. With innovative payment security measures, online patient payments are often more secure than other payment types like checks and cash.

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