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EMR Task Management

Manage your EMR workload on your own terms

In addition to eliminating the need for physical patient charts, MicroMD EMR takes your desktop paperless. MicroMD EMR streamlines your routine tasks into an electronic to-do list and provides a single, structured point of access to your common work activities: signing encounters, reviewing lab results, authorizing prescriptions, tracking orders, receiving reminders, communicating with staff and more. MicroMD EMR communication options include text or voice messages, documents and images.

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Have Confidence in Patient Compliance

MicroMD EMR provides the tools required to effectively order, deliver and track orders—all from the EMR desktop. MicroMD EMR streamlines communication of your orders and adds intelligence to the tracking process. From the physician’s desktop view, MicroMD EMR presents unreconciled orders, lab and test statuses, procedure follow-up, referral compliance, immunization and nursing care orders. MicroMD EMR lets you track outbound orders by type, provider, date, department, lab or referral source. In addition to raising productivity, automated ordering and results tracking saves valuable staff time. It also improves patient compliance by reminding patients that they are due for certain medical services.

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Remote Access

Because your tasks are always organized and accessible—even remotely—you’ll get more work done in between patient visits or whenever your schedule allows. MicroMD EMR prevents your to-do list from becoming unmanageable.

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Advanced Faxing Capabilities

Web-based faxing is available in MicroMD EMR, reducing the need for reliance on traditional landlines. Outbound faxing will allow faxing from throughout the application, including outbound orders, prescriptions, patient instructions and more. Inbound faxing allows incoming faxes to flow directly into MicroMD EMR for routing/filling by your staff. Staff are immediately notified of the faxes that have been receied and can route/file them to the appropriate provider.

Health Maintenance Alerts and Reminders Promote Healthly Outcomes

Ensure that patients receive the care they need—at the times they need it. Whether care is based upon national protocols, pay-for-performance requirements or the practice’s own protocols, MicroMD EMR provides the necessary tools to gather and maintain a high level of compliance. MicroMD EMR allows providers to review health maintenance requirements for patients who are being seen that day, and recall patients who are out of compliance with the defined protocols.

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Electronic Signature Capture

MicroMD EMR electronic signature capture allows practices to obtain and store patient signatures electronically on important documents, such as HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices, Immunization Consent, ABN (Advance Beneficiary Notices) or other practice-defined forms. This allows practices to obtain signatures without the need of printing and filing patient authorizations.

Patient Education and Goal Monitoring

MicroMD EMR is a powerful tool for tracking patient progress, educating patients and promoting healthy outcomes. An integral part of MicroMD EMR, these health maintenance features are accessible through the physician’s desktop view or within each patient chart. And whatever your specialty, MicroMD EMR helps you manage the health of your patient population according to national standards or your own guidelines.

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