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EMR Software Solutions

MicroMD EMR Software from Henry Schein is an affordable, easy-to-use electronic medical records software (EMR) solution designed to increase productivity and reduce errors within your medical (or surgical) practice.

Not only will this EMR system software improve your medical practice efficiency, but it can also reduce costs, improve patient care, and help your medical practice remain current with today’s available technology.


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Scalable, Customizable Practice Solutions EMR Software

MicroMD’s EMR software solution is one of the best EMR software systems on the market. This top EMR software package is scalable and fully customizable; designed to grow with your busy practice. MicroMD EMR software systems can also be customized to fit your medical or specialty practice needs.

Reputable EMR Software Providers

There are many EMR software vendors on the market. As EMR Software Providers, MicroMD has a proven track record with medical and surgical practitioners in numerous specialties currently utilizing this peer-driven medical EMR software.

The MicroMD EMR software solution offers many great benefits for all types of practitioners, including;

  • Medical Practices
  • Surgical Specialty Practices
  • Community Health Centers (CHCs)
  • Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs)

EMR System Software – A Required Technology

Current statistics indicate that EMR system software has been implemented in less than 35% of the eligible medical practices.

In the very near future, medical EMR software will be a required technology. In fact, practices can begin adopting an EMR software solution as early as October 2011 in order to be eligible for CMS EHR Incentive Program reimbursement. Medical practices who fail to adopt and implement EMR system software could risk penalty.

EMR Stimulus Incentive Funds

MicroMD would like to be your EMR software company.

We urge you to avoid jeopardizing your eligibility for Stimulus Incentive funds and take advantage of the available EMR Stimulus incentives for early EMR adoption and implementation.

The cost of EMR software is one of the primary concerns expressed by medical practitioners.  Thankfully, MicroMD offers an affordable EMR software solution, one that is even more accessible thanks to the EMR Stimulus Incentive.

We’re here to help you attain your goal of realizing a faster return on investment (ROI). MicroMD’s EMR software solution can help your practice;

  • Increase Revenues
  • Cut Costs
  • Avoid Duplicate Diagnostic Testing
  • Minimize The Incidence of Costly Medication Errors

By creating a virtually paperless environment, your medical EMR software system can easily document all events, eliminating the need and expense for transcription services and for manually completing and reviewing forms and charts, thereby reducing overtime and labor expenses while improving patient flow.

Key Components of this Powerful EMR Software Solution


MicroMD’s EMR system software solution possesses all the key capabilities that you want in a medical EMR software system as required by the ONC, including;

  1. Patient Data & Health Information & Clinical Documentation such as patient demographics, clinical notes, medications and allergies.
  2. Results Management such as diagnosis, clinical decision support, problems, and procedures.
  3. Order Entry and Management including electronic order entry for lab and x-rays.
  4. Decision Support including coding advice for physicians, weight based dosing calculations, advance directives, and the ability to access reference materials.
  5. Electronic Communication and Connectivity such as E-prescribing and electronically available x-ray and lab results.
  6. Patient Support & Health Maintenance including patient education, scheduling follow-ups and preventative service reminders.
  7. Reporting And Managing Population Health

Additional Medical EMR Software Benefits

This EMR software solution will also improve the execution of daily medical practice tasks, such as;

  • Prescription Renewals
  • Scheduling Chronic Disease Follow-Up Visits
  • Scheduling Preventive-Care Reminders
  • And Reviewing Lab Results

MicroMD EMR system software also supports PM billing software and possesses powerful reporting capabilities for accounts receivable (AR) aging. Advanced reporting features allow you to keep better track of charges, speed up claim filings and streamline your accounts receivables.

This medical EMR software can run on either a client-server system or a hosted model and is very user-friendly for speedy employee EMR training. In addition, the MicroMD EMR software solution easily integrates with Microsoft applications and appointment scheduling applications.

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Let MicroMD be your EMR software solutions provider. Ask us about EMR system software for your practice or specialty.

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MicroMD is a practice management and medical EMR software company; a division of Henry Schein, a Fortune 500 company and the largest worldwide distributor of medical supplies and healthcare products and services to office-based practitioners.