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EMR Alerts & Reminders

Medical practices use MicroMD EMR to ensure that patients receive the care they need—at the times they need it. Whether care is based upon national protocols, pay-for-performance requirements or the practice’s own protocols, MicroMD EMR provides the necessary tools to gather and maintain a high level of compliance.

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Promote Healthy Outcomes

MicroMD EMR allows providers to review health maintenance requirements for patients who are being seen that day, and recall patients who are out of compliance with the defined protocols.

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Patient Education and Goal Monitoring

MicroMD EMR is a powerful tool for tracking patient progress, educating patients and promoting healthy outcomes. An integral part of MicroMD EMR, these health maintenance features are accessible through the physician’s desktop view or within each patient chart. And whatever your specialty, MicroMD EMR helps you manage the health of your patient population according to national standards or your own guidelines.

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