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Aug 11

Why attend healthcare conferences and tradeshows?

From HBMA, to HIMSS, to AMR… the list is never ending in what you, as a healthcare professional, can participate in when it comes to tradeshows and conferences. When the list is long and costs are high, it is important to sift through the benefits of attending and truly understand what the takeaways can be from attending a healthcare tradeshow. We are going to dive into benefits for you as clinician, tips for attending, and some shows that might be appealing for you or members of your practice.

What are the benefits of attending healthcare tradeshows?

There are several benefits for your practice when you choose to attend a vendor conference. There will be some that are specific to your organization, for example, seeking out a specific vendor for 1:1 communication about a problem or service you would like to implement, but many benefits are universal. Some of these benefits include the following:

  • Continuing Education: Depending on your state, title, license, and medical degree, you may be required to complete continuing education units (CEUs). For example, RNs in Ohio are required to have 24 contact hours every 2 years, and this is the same for LPNs for CE. Many conferences, and even tradeshows, offer classes that may fit the benchmark set for CEUs. Check into this prior to attending by reaching out to the conference coordinator, if it is not already listed on their guide next to specific courses.
  • Networking Opportunities: When you attend a tradeshow, you have access to many like-minded individual working in the same field as you. Not only are you surrounded by other RNs, MDs, NPs, DOs, but also software vendors that enable you to streamline processes and make the business of healing easier for you.
  • Sessions: Attending major sessions can provide you with industry insight that you may not have had exposure to otherwise. Try to attend the larger sessions, as there are usually major, breakout, and self-paced, sessions. These sessions serve as great educational tools for your practice and can allow you to meet other providers who are experiencing similar triumphs or challenges as you. Pro tip: keep your business cards handy!

Tips for Attending a Healthcare Tradeshows

Like buying concert tickets or reserving seats on an airplane, timing is usually essential to save money! There are typically early-bird prices that you can take advantage of if you make decisions early. Sometimes, registering early not only gets you discounts but may also provide you with access to other parts of the conference that you may have been locked out of if you waited until a week or two prior to the date.

Another tip is to review the schedule – if you are on the fence about attending a show, review the list of sessions. Ask yourself the following questions…

  • Do the sessions seem valuable to you?
  • Are there specific topics being covered that you want to be educated on?
  • If you are looking for CEUs, are these being offered?
  • Are software vendors attending you are interested in?

If you can answer yes to one or several of these questions after reviewing the schedule, it should be a worthwhile experience for you. After you reserve your spot, plan out your time at the conference so you know where you are going and when. This will ensure you don’t miss any sessions that drove you there in the first place.

One last tip to remember when you are attending a conference is to be sure you dress appropriately. Most conferences are going to be business casual, but there may be fancy dinners that follow sessions. This will be explicitly stated in the guide or in prior communications to ensure you are prepared. Regardless of the dress code… bring clothes and shoes that you can be comfortable in as you walk around a conference center and sit for long periods of time. Pro tip: if you generally run cold, be sure to bring a sweater as most conference centers will have an AC to keep the rooms cool when occupied by large groups.

Healthcare Tradeshows to Attend or Research

Below you will find a list of healthcare tradeshows that MicroMD is either currently participating in or has attended in the past. Please review their website for upcoming tradeshow details for you as a provider. It is important to note that due to the ongoing public health crisis that dates posted below for upcoming shows are subject to change.

  • HIMSS 22 (Dates Unknown)

Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society

  • HBMA – September 8-10, Dallas, TX

Healthcare Business Management Association

  • FMX 2021 – September 28-October 2, Virtual Conference

American Academy for Family Physicians

  • AMBA – October 13-15, Last Vegas, Nevada

American Medical Billing Association

  • APHCA – October 27-29, Gulf Shores, AL

Alabama Primary Health Care Association

This is by no means an extensive list for the remainder of the year’s conference opportunities, but it is a handful to provide you with a clear view of what is available.

Are you attending any conferences in 2021 or 2022 and eager to know if MicroMD will be participating? Comment on this blog, or give us a call at 800-624-8832 and we can let you know about future conference plans.

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