Mar 22

Thinking of Starting an Urgent Care Center?

Just what is the cost of starting an urgent care center? See how the numbers add up…

Dr. Lawrence Earl, a leading expert on urgent care management and a highly regarded mentor in this fast-growing field, has gathered some facts and figures to help guide physicians who are considering opening an urgent care center. It’s imperative to think beyond the medical opportunity. While starting an urgent care center gives the practicing physician a chance to provide care in a specialized setting, and fill a gap in the market – it’s also important to fully understand the economics of this major undertaking. Just as any retail operator knows, branding, location, staffing and the portfolio of products and services offered must add up to a successful formula in order to meet customer needs.

Also consider downloading Dr. Earl’s eBook: How to Start Your Own Urgent Care Business, which answers important questions, such as:

  • How do I find and select the right location?
  • How much should I plan to spend on marketing?
  • How many patients should I plan to see hourly, weekly, yearly?
  • How do I plan for adequate staffing?

Dr. Earl answers all of these questions and more, for entrepreneurial physicians and others who wish to participate in the expansion of community healthcare by providing urgent care services.

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Dr. Earl

Larry brings 3 decades of Urgent Care, Family Medicine and Occupational Medicine experience to guide you.

Learn more about
Dr. Earl here.

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