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Nov 13

How to Select Practice Management Software for Medical Billing Services

So, you need medical billing software…

Selecting practice management software as a billing service is a unique proposition as you’re not simply choosing a system for one practice, you’re choosing one for many practices. This means that your needs are more complex and distinct than those of the average software seeker. Even so, there’s no reason for your software search experience to be stressful or negative; just be sure to pay attention to a few best practices as you navigate this process to be sure you’re finding the best medical billing software to handle your specific workflow and needs.

What features are required for your medical billing process?

As a billing service you are focused on – no shock here – billing. For this reason the billing components of a practice management system will weigh heavier in your decision than they might in that of a single practice. You want to focus on the features that will allow for the following:

  • Ease of posting charges and submitting claims
  • Scrubbing those claims so they’re accepted the first time
  • Responding to and resubmitting denials and rejections efficiently
  • Maintaining a separate and secure account for each client in the same database
  • Detailed reporting

Review several PM vendors before deciding.

You want to look for a software that fits your billing practice perfectly, or at least as close as possible. Think about your staff’s workflow. You want a PM that will fit into that workflow and make it more efficient. So if a vendor doesn’t appear to fit, move on. There’s no sense wasting time on a system that simply won’t work. Once you’ve reviewed what’s available and how they all stack up to your list of specifications, make your short list of the best three to five vendors as finalists.

Compare the software vendors on your short list.

This is how you’ll identify which PM systems could be good for your business – and ultimately, decide on the one that is best.  Start by scheduling demonstrations to see exactly how each billing platform works in detail and go into those demonstrations knowing what features you need to see in order to be confident the system can do what you need it to do. Ask lots of questions to be sure you understand exactly what each vendor has to offer in terms of cost, ease of use, ability to interface with your practices’ EMRs, reporting features, training, support, upgrades, and add-ons. Ask for case studies and references so you can get a glimpse of how each product actually works in a setting similar to yours. Then review all of the information you’ve gathered and choose the vendor who fits your needs best. Negotiate your contract, sign your deal, and get your paperwork submitted so you can get in line to be installed. Congratulations, you’ve selected your new practice management system!

While choosing a practice management software for a billing service is certainly different than doing so for a single medical practice, it doesn’t have to be difficult. The important thing is to go in with a specific plan for the needs of your business, and find the software that fits your requirements and improves your day to day operations.

If you’re ready to begin your search, MicroMD is a great place to start. Our ability to store multiple practices separately in one database paired with our easy to use billing features and robust reporting capabilities are the reason we have such a strong record of success with medical billing services. For more information or to schedule a demonstration, visit or call 1-800-624-8832.

Looking for more tips and key things to consider when searching for the perfect PM software? Check out our eBook “Selecting PM Software for Your Billing Service.”

Check out our eBook “Selecting PM Software for Your Billing Service.”

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  1. Michael Seda
    January 2, 2020 at 1:07 am · Reply

    Good article. The choice of software is important since it will be the one that you’ll mostly use for your billing process. It is imperative to pick the one that you think will be the best match for your business.

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