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May 16

Healthcare Technology Trends of 2018

2018 is the year of improved patient access

As in all areas of our lives, technology is making a huge impact in the healthcare field. Let’s take a look at some of the trends expected to be big in healthcare technology for 2018 and how they could affect your practice.

Healthcare Data Analytics

The big focus in healthcare right now is on improved patient outcomes and a big piece of how we get there is through analyzing data. It’s very possible at this point to look at the data available and make the following predictions…

  • Complications a patient may face
  • How their care plan is likely to work out
  • If they’re likely to have a readmission for the same problem

This ability is incredible and will result in those better health outcomes that everyone is chasing. It will also improve reimbursements and regulatory compliance.

HIPAA Compliant Cloud Storage

Many practices have begun to see the benefits of accessing their healthcare IT through the cloud. This solution offers a lower upfront cost, greater accessibility, and better security for health data. Cyber security is important as attacks on the healthcare industry have increased in recent years and are expected to continue throughout 2018. Cloud hosting expected to grow throughout 2018 as more and more practices understand the benefits. This will allow for a more secure data set across the healthcare industry and greater peace of mind for patients and physicians alike.


There are many forms that virtual care can take, and just about all of them are being used in some capacity in the healthcare field today. Telemedicine is growing. Doctors are embracing patients’ use of wearables to get more detailed, accurate information about their patients’ health status.

Another one to focus on, though, and one that doesn’t get quite so much attention is the use of patient portals. While this seems like a rather simple solution, it’s use for providing patient care without the patient being in the office can’t be understated. The ability for patients to directly message physicians with their questions is outstanding. This tool strengthens the patient and provider relationship and patients have the convenience of sending an email over sitting on a phone to leave a message. Patient portals provide the following…

  • Convenience of sending an email over waiting on the phone
  • Access lab and test results
  • Request refills
  • Schedule appointments

Patient portals provide greater access to health information, increases in engagement and satisfaction, and improves health outcomes.

It’s clear that technology is making its mark on the healthcare industry, but it’s also easy to see that the effects are quite positive. We see this through improved patient outcomes, greater security for patent health information, and increased patient engagement.

Which of these tech tools are you utilizing in your practice? See any that you haven’t implemented quite yet, but that interest you?

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