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Mar 22

What Are the Benefits of Attending a Vendor Conference?

Why should you attend a vendor conference? (We have the answers.)

We know… you are crunched for time, your budget is wearing thin, and adding an additional element to your plate right now seems outlandish. We get it, really. What if we told you that the benefits of attending a vendor conference outweigh the negatives? Whether you are the attendee or it is a colleague at your practice, the lasting benefits of attending can significantly impact your organization. Some of the potential benefits include…


We cannot overstate this enough… networking is a huge benefit when it comes down to deciding whether or not to attend a conference. The opportunity to interact with individuals who developed your software or created your equipment is at your fingertips. We encourage you to soak it in! Discuss with them issues you are experiencing, listen to their plans for the future, and find out how to optimize your current experience.

Outside of speaking to your vendor, join in on group discussions with other end users. These individuals are utilizing the same products as you and they more than likely are utilizing it to a different extent. This is a chance to learn from colleagues and explore different techniques.

Product Demos:

Conferences usually include hands on training, support, or demos of products so end users can see how a system functions. Attendees may also be privy to knowledge that those who do not attend wouldn’t know – this could mean new product releases, tips and tricks in the software, and other insider knowledge that only users in attendance will have access to.

Additional Support:

Do you currently have questions about the functionality of the systems you are using? Chances are, you do! Every system is equipped with a number of features that aren’t always easy to use, access, or retain. Some conferences have built in lab times where you can access professionals during scheduled or open lab times for one-on-one help with your product issues.


Education is a no-brainer when it comes to why you should consider attending a conference. When you decide to attend a vendor conference, you will be immersed in a bounty of knowledge about the systems your practice is spending money on. Wouldn’t you like to know more about the products eating up so much of your budget dollars? This is your chance. Education is key and knowledge is power. Take the opportunity to learn more at your vendor’s next conference.

Are you convinced that it is time to attend your vendor’s next conference? Even if you aren’t fully persuaded, consider all of the benefits that attending could bring you and decide from there. Chances are you will walk away feeling like you learned something new and valuable.

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