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Apr 06

4 Ways to Use Artificial Intelligence in Your Practice

The use of artificial intelligence has been growing in all industries in recent years, and healthcare is no exception. From increasing efficiency to improving patient health outcomes, the possibilities with AI are quite impressive. How can your practice get started? Let’s take a look.

What is artificial intelligence in healthcare?

Artificial intelligence in healthcare is the use of cognitive technology and machine learning (ML) algorithms in healthcare settings. This involves computers and other technology mimicking human thinking patterns in order to learn, reason, and make decisions or take action. In the context of healthcare, AI is most often used to analyze medical data to support patient care, often focusing on diagnoses.

1. Clinical Decision Support

First, if you aren’t already using Clinical Decision Support (CDS), now is the time. CDS tools analyze health data, suggest treatment, identify potential problems, and increase efficiency. Studies have shown artificial intelligence’s ability to predict diseases and treatment success, making these tools an integral part of improved patient outcomes. Additionally, CDS can help to maximize the value of your EHR, which is something most doctors can agree is attractive.

2. Cost Savings

Next, artificial intelligence can help guide cost savings in the healthcare industry. We all know that cost savings is a huge focus in our industry in recent times. This cost savings is accomplished through AI in two ways: guiding more effective treatment choice with less complications, and more efficient diagnoses due to a more thorough analysis of data. Allowing artificial intelligence to assist with and double check your medical decision making as a provider is absolutely essential to providing more efficient and successful care.

3. Precision Medicine

Precision medicine is another area where artificial intelligence is useful. Precision medicine, sometimes known as personalized medicine, involves taking each patient’s individual factors, such as environment, genetics, and lifestyle, into account when planning for treatment or prevention of disease. Artificial intelligence assists in precision medicine by analyzing pertinent factors for a patient, and increasing accuracy of outcome predictions by reading and analyzing medical data much faster than a human. Once that data is analyzed, the AI comes up with accurate conclusions from that data. In this way, AI can be useful not only in predicting outcomes and choosing proper treatments for an individual patient, but also in predicting the likelihood of future disease.

4. Cybersecurity

Finally, cybersecurity is a great area to bring in artificial intelligence to keep your practice safe. Artificial intelligence works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which allows it to process lots of data and identify threats very quickly, meaning you are constantly protected. AI can also collect data that provides insights into cybercriminal behavior, allowing it to stay a step ahead of those who would act maliciously against your practice.

While artificial intelligence can feel intimidating, it is something that can revolutionize the way your practice operates and provide a number of care advantages for your patients. This is why MicroMD offers many amazing solutions partners that harness the power of artificial intelligence to help your practice become more efficient.

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