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Version 16 | MicroMD

Version 16 is ready.
So, what’s new?
Let’s find out.

What’s new in MicroMD Practice Management?

You asked, and we listened. With the roll out of Version 16, we took the feedback from all of you to enhance our powerful practice management solution. Are you ready to find out what changes you can expect to see?

Display Only Eligibility Statuses You Want to See

You can now filter the appointment schedule and the Eligibility Response window to display only those statuses related to your practice.

ICD-9 Codes No Longer Appear in PM/EMR System

With this version, say goodbye to ICD-9 codes, as they no longer appear throughout the software, although they will still exist for reporting purposes.

Close Schedules for Multiple Providers at Once

You can now set schedules for multiple providers at the same time, as well as set repeating practice schedules.

Establish Reasons for a Patient’s Appointments

You can now establish reasons for a patient’s rescheduled or canceled appointment and generate reports based on the appointment’s status and reason.

What’s new in MicroMD Electronic Medical Records?

Version 16 of MicroMD EMR enables you to move throughout the system knowing you’re being alerted when necessary, receiving less notifications, and more. Also, updates were made to the e-prescribing module to make you regulatory compliant. Let’s see what’s new…

Triggered Rules Now Display in a Single Pop-up Window

When a user triggers multiple rules, like when opening a chart, MicroMD only displays a single window versus several notifications.

Real-Time Formulary Provides Patient-Specific Medication Cost

The Prescription Pad and the Encounter Medications now provide the user with patient-specific medication cost and other benefit information.

Alert Displayed if ICD from a Problem List is Obsolete

If a user adds an assessment to an encounter from the patient’s problem list where the code used is now obsolete, MicroMD now displays an alert.

Notification in Mail Message if Reply to an Older Message

If a user clicks the Reply button to an older message in a conversation, MicroMD displays a notice at the top of the message.


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