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Version 15 | MicroMD


Version 15 of MicroMD is here.

Enhanced features, new modules, data updates and additions designed, with you in mind, to get you back to the business of healing.


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So, what’s new in Version 15?

Let’s find out.

With the changes taking place in healthcare, it’s important that your EMR evolves as your practice does. MicroMD Version 15 includes updated CCM billing, enhancements to the Pending Charges Reconciliation Report, two new eServices, and much more. Are you ready to boost patient engagement, enable clinical excellence, and optimize your workflows? Let’s find out how Version 15 helps those initiatives, shall we?

What’s new in MicroMD EMR?

Updated CCM Billing

MicroMD EMR can now accommodate the recent changes to the chronic care management billing codes.

Create an Encounter for a Future Date

You can now create an encounter for a future date.

Descriptor Manager Values Now Checkboxes or Radio Buttons

Practices can now specify if all the values within a single descriptor are all checkboxes (multiple selections) or all radio buttons (single selection)

What’s new in MicroMD PM?

Pending Charges Reconciliation Report enhanced to Include Appointments

For practices that have both MicroMD PM and EMR software, you can now allow for the appointment to be considered when running this report, which allows users to see if an appointment was scheduled for a patient but no encounter was started.

Notification of Future Appointments

MicroMD PM will now flag the user while making a patient appointment if a future appointment already exists.

New integrated eSERVICES

MicroMD Clinical Decision Support (CDS) powered by Persivia

This new add-on service is accessible through the assessment outcome report that is provided in your MicroMD EMR software, as part of your regular workflow, and works behind the scenes to gather clinical data to deliver real-time, evidence-based alerts, guidelines, and protocols to clinicians to improve clinical quality measure scores, reduce costs and improve patient care.

Vivify Pathways +Go

This new add-on service, is a chronic care management (CCM) and population health management tool that enables practices with a do-it-yourself solution to utilize mobile devices for automated patient engagement, coaching and monitoring. With Vivfy’s automated CCM process, every second of time spent reviewing the clinical data is tracked, reporting and collected and all automatically updated into MicroMD EMR chart for quick access and billing automation.