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UDS Table 6b, Section F, Code List

Code List: UDS Table 6b, Section F, Preventive Care and Screening: Body Mass Index (BMI)

MicroMD uses the following code lists to determine your compliance with this UDS table.  To search for your code, simply press Ctrl + F on your keyboard, enter your code in the search field and press Enter on your keyboard.

Diagnosis, Active: Pregnancy Diagnosis: ICD-10A34, O00.0, O00.1, O00.2, O00.8, O00.9, O01.9, O02.0, O02.1, O03.0, O03.1, O03.2, O03.30, O03.31, O03.32, O03.33, O03.34, O03.37, O03.39, O03.4, O03.5, O03.6, O03.7, O03.80, O03.81, O03.82, O03.83, O03.84, O03.85, O03.86, O03.87, O03.88, O03.89, O03.9, O04.5, O04.6, O04.7, O04.80, O04.81, O04.82, O04.83, O04.84, O04.85, O04.86, O04.87, O04.88, O04.89, O07.0, O07.1, O07.2, O07.30, O07.31, O07.32, O07.33, O07.34, O07.35, O07.36, O07.37, O07.38, O07.39, O07.4, O08.0, O08.1, O08.2, O08.3, O08.4, O08.5, O08.6, O08.7, O08.81, O08.82, O08.83, O08.89, O08.9, O09.00, O09.10, O09.211, O09.291, O09.30, O09.40, O09.41, O09.42, O09.43, O09.511, O09.512, O09.513, O09.519, O09.521, O09.522, O09.523, O09.529, O09.611, O09.621, O09.819, O09.821, O09.822, O09.823, O09.829, O09.891, O09.892, O09.893, O09.899, O09.90, O09.91, O09.92, O09.93, O10.011, O10.012, O10.013, O10.019, O10.03, O10.111, O10.112, O10.113, O10.119, O10.12, O10.13, O10.211, O10.212, O10.213, O10.219, O10.22, O10.23, O10.311, O10.312, O10.313, O10.319, O10.32, O10.33, O10.411, O10.412, O10.413, O10.419, O10.42, O10.43, O10.911, O10.912, O10.913, O10.919, O10.92, O10.93, O11.1, O11.2, O11.3, O11.9, O12.00, O12.01, O12.02, O12.03, O12.20, O12.21, O12.22, O12.23, O13.1, O13.2, O13.3, O13.9, O14.00, O14.02, O14.03, O14.10, O14.12, O14.13, O14.20, O14.22, O14.23, O14.90, O14.92, O14.93, O15.02, O15.03, O15.1, O15.2, O16.1, O16.2, O16.3, O16.9, O20.0, O20.8, O20.9, O21.0, O21.2, O21.8, O21.9, O22.00, O22.01, O22.02, O22.03, O22.10, O22.11, O22.12, O22.13, O22.20, O22.21, O22.22, O22.23, O22.30, O22.31, O22.32, O22.33, O22.40, O22.41, O22.42, O22.43, O22.50, O22.51, O22.52, O22.53, O22.90, O22.91, O22.92, O22.93, O23.00, O23.10, O23.20, O23.30, O23.40, O23.41, O23.42, O23.43, O23.519, O23.529, O23.599, O23.90, O23.91, O23.92, O23.93, O24.319, O24.32, O24.419, O24.429, O24.439, O24.911, O24.912, O24.913, O24.92, O24.93, O25.10, O25.11, O25.12, O25.13, O25.2, O25.3, O26.00, O26.01, O26.02, O26.03, O26.11, O26.12, O26.13, O26.20, O26.21, O26.22, O26.23, O26.41, O26.42, O26.43, O26.50, O26.51, O26.52, O26.53, O26.611, O26.612, O26.613, O26.619, O26.62, O26.811, O26.812, O26.813, O26.819, O26.821, O26.822, O26.823, O26.829, O26.831, O26.832, O26.833, O26.839, O26.841, O26.842, O26.843, O26.849, O26.851, O26.852, O26.853, O26.859, O26.872, O26.873, O26.879, O26.891, O26.892, O26.893, O26.899, O26.90, O30.001, O30.002, O30.003, O30.009, O30.021, O30.022, O30.023, O30.029, O30.101, O30.102, O30.103, O30.109, O30.201, O30.202, O30.203, O30.209, O30.801, O30.802, O30.803, O30.809, O30.90, O30.91, O30.92, O30.93, O33.0, O33.1, O33.2, O33.7, O33.8, O33.9, O34.00, O34.01, O34.02, O34.03, O34.10, O34.11, O34.12, O34.13, O34.21, O34.29, O34.30, O34.31, O34.32, O34.33, O34.40, O34.41, O34.42, O34.43, O34.511, O34.512, O34.513, O34.519, O34.521, O34.522, O34.523, O34.529, O34.531, O34.532, O34.533, O34.539, O34.591, O34.592, O34.593, O34.599, O34.60, O34.61, O34.62, O34.63, O34.70, O34.71, O34.72, O34.73, O34.80, O34.81, O34.82, O34.83, O34.90, O34.91, O34.92, O34.93, O35.7XX0, O35.7XX1, O35.7XX2, O35.7XX3, O35.7XX4, O35.7XX5, O35.7XX9, O35.8XX0, O35.8XX1, O35.8XX2, O35.8XX3, O35.8XX4, O35.8XX5, O35.8XX9, O36.0110, O36.0120, O36.0130, O36.0190, O36.0910, O36.0920, O36.0930, O36.0990, O36.1110, O36.1120, O36.1130, O36.1190, O36.1910, O36.1920, O36.1930, O36.1990, O36.5110, O36.5120, O36.5130, O36.5190, O36.5910, O36.5920, O36.5930, O36.5990, O36.8120, O36.8130, O36.8190, O36.8210, O36.8220, O36.8230, O36.8290, O36.8910, O36.8920, O36.8930, O36.8990, O41.1010, O41.1020, O41.1030, O41.1090, O41.1210, O41.1220, O41.1230, O41.1290, O41.1410, O41.1420, O41.1430, O41.1490, O42.00, O42.011, O42.012, O42.013, O42.02, O42.10, O42.111, O42.112, O42.113, O42.12, O43.011, O43.019, O43.101, O43.102, O43.103, O43.199, O43.211, O43.212, O43.213, O43.221, O43.222, O43.223, O43.231, O43.232, O43.233, O43.239, O43.811, O43.812, O43.813, O43.819, O43.91, O43.92, O43.93, O44.00, O44.01, O44.02, O44.03, O44.10, O44.11, O44.12, O44.13, O45.001, O45.002, O45.003, O45.011, O45.012, O45.013, O45.021, O45.022, O45.023, O45.091, O45.092, O45.093, O45.91, O45.92, O45.93, O46.001, O46.002, O46.003, O46.009, O46.011, O46.012, O46.013, O46.019, O46.021, O46.022, O46.023, O46.029, O46.091, O46.092, O46.093, O46.099, O46.90, O46.91, O46.92, O46.93, O47.00, O47.02, O47.03, O47.1, O47.9, O48.0, O48.1, O60.00, O60.02, O60.03, O61.0, O61.1, O61.9, O62.0, O62.1, O62.2, O62.3, O62.4, O62.9, O63.0, O63.1, O63.2, O63.9, O65.4, O65.5, O65.9, O66.0, O66.1, O66.40, O66.5, O66.8, O66.9, O67.0, O67.8, O67.9, O68, O70.0, O70.1, O70.2, O70.3, O70.4, O70.9, O71.00, O71.02, O71.03, O71.1, O71.2, O71.3, O71.4, O71.5, O71.6, O71.7, O71.82, O71.89, O71.9, O72.0, O72.1, O72.2, O72.3, O73.0, O73.1, O74.1, O74.2, O74.3, O74.8, O74.9, O75.0, O75.1, O75.2, O75.3, O75.4, O75.5, O75.81, O75.89, O75.9, O76, O77.0, O80, O82, O85, O86.0, O86.11, O86.12, O86.13, O86.19, O86.20, O86.21, O86.22, O86.29, O86.4, O86.81, O86.89, O87.0, O87.1, O87.2, O87.3, O87.4, O87.8, O87.9, O88.011, O88.012, O88.013, O88.019, O88.02, O88.03, O88.111, O88.112, O88.113, O88.119, O88.12, O88.13, O88.211, O88.212, O88.213, O88.219, O88.22, O88.23, O88.311, O88.312, O88.313, O88.319, O88.32, O88.33, O88.811, O88.812, O88.813, O88.819, O88.82, O88.83, O89.09, O89.1, O89.2, O89.8, O89.9, O90.0, O90.1, O90.2, O90.3, O90.4, O90.5, O90.6, O90.81, O90.89, O90.9, O91.011, O91.012, O91.013, O91.019, O91.02, O91.111, O91.112, O91.113, O91.119, O91.12, O91.211, O91.212, O91.213, O91.219, O91.22, O91.23, O92.011, O92.012, O92.013, O92.019, O92.03, O92.111, O92.112, O92.113, O92.119, O92.13, O92.20, O92.29, O92.3, O92.5, O92.6, O92.70, O92.79, O94, O98.011, O98.012, O98.013, O98.019, O98.02, O98.03, O98.111, O98.112, O98.113, O98.119, O98.12, O98.13, O98.211, O98.212, O98.213, O98.219, O98.22, O98.23, O98.311, O98.312, O98.313, O98.319, O98.32, O98.33, O98.42, O98.43, O98.511, O98.512, O98.513, O98.519, O98.52, O98.53, O98.611, O98.612, O98.613, O98.619, O98.62, O98.63, O98.811, O98.812, O98.813, O98.819, O98.82, O98.83, O98.911, O98.912, O98.913, O98.919, O98.92, O98.93, O99.011, O99.012, O99.013, O99.019, O99.02, O99.03, O99.111, O99.112, O99.113, O99.119, O99.12, O99.13, O99.210, O99.211, O99.212, O99.213, O99.214, O99.215, O99.280, O99.281, O99.282, O99.283, O99.284, O99.285, O99.320, O99.321, O99.322, O99.323, O99.324, O99.325, O99.330, O99.331, O99.332, O99.333, O99.334, O99.335, O99.340, O99.341, O99.342, O99.343, O99.344, O99.345, O99.350, O99.351, O99.352, O99.353, O99.354, O99.355, O99.411, O99.412, O99.413, O99.419, O99.42, O99.43, O99.810, O99.814, O99.815, O99.834, O99.835, O99.840, O99.841, O99.842, O99.843, O99.844, O99.845, O99.89, Z33.1, Z33.2, Z34.00, Z34.80, Z34.90, Z36
Diagnosis, Active: Pregnancy Diagnosis: SNOMED102872000, 102873005, 102875003, 127363001, 14418008, 16356006, 169560008, 169561007, 169562000, 169563005, 169564004, 169565003, 169566002, 169567006, 169568001, 198624007, 198626009, 198627000, 199715003, 237233002, 237238006, 237239003, 237240001, 237241002, 237242009, 237244005, 239101008, 248985009, 281307002, 29399001, 314204000, 31601007, 34801009, 38720006, 41587001, 41991004, 43990006, 442478007, 44782008, 45307008, 47200007, 57630001, 58532003, 59466002, 60000008, 60810003, 64254006, 65147003, 65727000, 69532007, 72892002, 77386006, 79290002, 79586000, 80997009, 82661006, 83074005, 87605005, 90968009, 9279009, 9899009
Encounter, Performed: BMI Encounter Code Set: HCPCSG0101, G0108, G0270, G0271, G0402, G0438, G0439, G0447
Encounter, Performed: BMI Encounter Code Set: CPT90791, 90792, 90832, 90834, 90837, 90839, 96150, 96151, 96152, 97001, 97003, 97802, 97803, 98960, 99201, 99202, 99203, 99204, 99205, 99212, 99213, 99214, 99215, 99385, 99386, 99387, 99395, 99396, 99397
Encounter, Performed: BMI Encounter Code Set: SNOMED10197000, 108220007, 108221006, 108224003, 108311000, 13607009, 14736009, 165171009, 18512000, 185349003, 185463005, 185465003, 225967005, 270427003, 270430005, 30346009, 308335008, 32537008, 35025007, 37894004, 386372009, 390906007, 406547006, 410155007, 410157004, 410158009, 410160006, 410170008, 410172000, 46662001, 55162003, 68381003, 78318003, 83607001, 8411005, 86013001, 90526000
Encounter, Performed: BMI Encounter Code Set: CDTD7140, D7210
Intervention, Order: Above Normal Follow-up: SNOMED304549008, 307818003, 361231003, 370847001, 386291006, 386292004, 386373004, 386463000, 386464006, 410177006, 413315001, 418995006, 424753004, 443288003
Intervention, Order: Above Normal Follow-up: HCPCSG8417, S9449, S9451, S9452, S9470
Intervention, Order: Above Normal Follow-up: CPT43644, 43645, 43770, 43771, 43772, 43773, 43774, 43842, 43843, 43845, 43846, 43847, 43848, 97804, 98960, 99078
Intervention, Order: Below Normal Follow up: SNOMED386464006, 410177006, 413315001, 418995006, 424753004, 429095004, 443288003
Intervention, Order: Below Normal Follow up: HCPCSG8418, S9449, S9452, S9470
Intervention, Order: Referrals where weight assessment may occur: SNOMED103698003, 103699006, 183515008, 183524004, 183583007, 185359002, 305922005, 306136006, 306163007, 306164001, 306165000, 306166004, 306167008, 306168003, 306226009, 306227000, 306252003, 306344004, 306353006, 306354000, 308459004, 308470006, 308477009, 390864007, 390866009, 390893007, 408289007, 410160006, 416790000, 424203006, 91251008
Medication, Order: Above Normal Medications: RXNORMOrlistat 120 MG Oral Capsule, Orlistat 60 MG Oral Capsule
Medication, Order: Below Normal Medications: RXNORMMegestrol Acetate 125 MG/ML Oral Suspension, Megestrol Acetate 20 MG Oral Tablet, Megestrol Acetate 40 MG Oral Tablet, Megestrol Acetate 40 MG/ML Oral Suspension, Megestrol Acetate 160 MG Oral Tablet
Physical Exam, Performed not done: Medical or Other reason not done: SNOMED183932001, 397745006, 407563006, 428119001
Physical Exam, Performed not done: Patient Reason Refused: SNOMED105480006, 183944003, 183945002, 413310006, 413311005, 413312003
Procedure, Order: Palliative Care: SNOMED305284002, 305381007, 305981001, 306237005, 306288008, 133918004, 182964004, 385736008, 385763009
Admission by palliative care physician (procedure), Admission to palliative care department (procedure), Referral by palliative care physician (procedure), Referral to palliative care service (procedure), Referral to palliative care physician (procedure)
Diagnosis: Encounter for Palliative Care: ICD-10Z51.5