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UDS Table 6b, Section E, Code List

Code List: Table 6b, Section E, Weight Assessment and Counseling

MicroMD uses the following code lists to determine your compliance with this UDS table.  To search for your code, simply press Ctrl + F on your keyboard, enter your code in the search field and press Enter on your keyboard.

Item Codes
Diagnosis, Active: Pregnancy: ICD-10 O00.1, O00.2, O00.8, O00.9, O09.00, O09.01, O09.02, O09.03, O09.10, O09.11, O09.12, O09.13, O09.211, O09.212, O09.213, O09.219, O09.291, O09.292, O09.293, O09.299, O09.30, O09.31, O09.32, O09.33, O09.40, O09.41, O09.42, O09.43, O09.511, O09.512, O09.513, O09.519, O09.521, O09.522, O09.523, O09.529, O09.611, O09.612, O09.613, O09.619, O09.621, O09.622, O09.623, O09.629, O09.70, O09.71, O09.72, O09.73, O09.811, O09.812, O09.813, O09.819, O09.821, O09.822, O09.823, O09.829, O09.891, O09.892, O09.893, O09.899, O09.90, O09.91, O09.92, O09.93, O10.011, O10.012, O10.013, O10.019, O10.111, O10.112, O10.113, O10.119, O10.211, O10.212, O10.213, O10.219, O10.311, O10.312, O10.313, O10.319, O10.411, O10.412, O10.413, O10.419, O10.911, O10.912, O10.913, O10.919, O11.1, O11.2, O11.3, O11.9, O12.00, O12.01, O12.02, O12.03, O12.10, O12.11, O12.12, O12.13, O12.20, O12.21, O12.22, O12.23, O13.1, O13.2, O13.3, O13.9, O14.00, O14.02, O14.03, O14.10, O14.12, O14.13, O14.20, O14.22, O14.23, O14.90, O14.92, O14.93, O15.00, O15.02, O15.03, O16.1, O16.2, O16.3, O16.9, O20.0, O20.8, O20.9, O21.0, O21.1, O21.2, O21.8, O21.9, O22.00, O22.01, O22.02, O22.03, O22.10, O22.11, O22.12, O22.13, O22.20, O22.21, O22.22, O22.23, O22.30, O22.31, O22.32, O22.33, O22.40, O22.41, O22.42, O22.43, O22.50, O22.51, O22.52, O22.53, O22.8X1, O22.8X2, O22.8X3, O22.8X9, O22.90, O22.91, O22.92, O22.93, O23.00, O23.01, O23.02, O23.03, O23.10, O23.11, O23.12, O23.13, O23.20, O23.21, O23.22, O23.23, O23.30, O23.31, O23.32, O23.33, O23.40, O23.41, O23.42, O23.43, O23.511, O23.512, O23.513, O23.519, O23.521, O23.522, O23.523, O23.529, O23.591, O23.592, O23.593, O23.599, O23.90, O23.91, O23.92, O23.93, O24.011, O24.012, O24.013, O24.019, O24.111, O24.112, O24.113, O24.119, O24.311, O24.312, O24.313, O24.319, O24.410, O24.414, O24.419, O24.811, O24.812, O24.813, O24.819, O24.911, O24.912, O24.913, O24.919, O25.10, O25.11, O25.12, O25.13, O26.00, O26.01, O26.02, O26.03, O26.10, O26.11, O26.12, O26.13, O26.20, O26.21, O26.22, O26.23, O26.30, O26.31, O26.32, O26.33, O26.40, O26.41, O26.42, O26.43, O26.50, O26.51, O26.52, O26.53, O26.611, O26.612, O26.613, O26.619, O26.711, O26.712, O26.713, O26.719, O26.811, O26.812, O26.813, O26.819, O26.821, O26.822, O26.823, O26.829, O26.831, O26.832, O26.833, O26.839, O26.841, O26.842, O26.843, O26.849, O26.851, O26.852, O26.853, O26.859, O26.86, O26.872, O26.873, O26.879, O26.891, O26.892, O26.893, O26.899, O26.90, O26.91, O26.92, O26.93, O28.0, O28.1, O28.2, O28.3, O28.4, O28.5, O28.8, O28.9, O29.011, O29.012, O29.013, O29.019, O29.021, O29.022, O29.023, O29.029, O29.091, O29.092, O29.093, O29.099, O29.111, O29.112, O29.113, O29.119, O29.121, O29.122, O29.123, O29.129, O29.191, O29.192, O29.193, O29.199, O29.211, O29.212, O29.213, O29.219, O29.291, O29.292, O29.293, O29.299, O29.3X1, O29.3X2, O29.3X3, O29.3X9, O29.40, O29.41, O29.42, O29.43, O29.5X1, O29.5X2, O29.5X3, O29.5X9, O29.60, O29.61, O29.62, O29.63, O29.8X1, O29.8X2, O29.8X3, O29.8X9, O29.90, O29.91, O29.92, O29.93, O30.001, O30.002, O30.003, O30.009, O30.011, O30.012, O30.013, O30.019, O30.021, O30.022, O30.023, O30.029, O30.031, O30.032, O30.033, O30.039, O30.041, O30.042, O30.043, O30.049, O30.091, O30.092, O30.093, O30.099, O30.101, O30.102, O30.103, O30.109, O30.111, O30.112, O30.113, O30.119, O30.121, O30.122, O30.123, O30.129, O30.191, O30.192, O30.193, O30.199, O30.201, O30.202, O30.203, O30.209, O30.211, O30.212, O30.213, O30.219, O30.221, O30.222, O30.223, O30.229, O30.291, O30.292, O30.293, O30.299, O30.801, O30.802, O30.803, O30.809, O30.811, O30.812, O30.813, O30.819, O30.821, O30.822, O30.823, O30.829, O30.891, O30.892, O30.893, O30.899, O30.90, O30.91, O30.92, O30.93, O31.00X0, O31.00X1, O31.00X2, O31.00X3, O31.00X4, O31.00X5, O31.00X9, O31.01X0, O31.01X1, O31.01X2, O31.01X3, O31.01X4, O31.01X5, O31.01X9, O31.02X0, O31.02X1, O31.02X2, O31.02X3, O31.02X4, O31.02X5, O31.02X9, O31.03X0, O31.03X1, O31.03X2, O31.03X3, O31.03X4, O31.03X5, O31.03X9, O31.10X0, O31.10X1, O31.10X2, O31.10X3, O31.10X4, O31.10X5, O31.10X9, O31.11X0, O31.11X1, O31.11X2, O31.11X3, O31.11X4, O31.11X5, O31.11X9, O31.12X0, O31.12X1, O31.12X2, O31.12X3, O31.12X4, O31.12X5, O31.12X9, O31.13X0, O31.13X1, O31.13X2, O31.13X3, O31.13X4, O31.13X5, O31.13X9, O31.20X0, O31.20X1, O31.20X2, O31.20X3, O31.20X4, O31.20X5, O31.20X9, O31.21X0, O31.21X1, O31.21X2, O31.21X3, O31.21X4, O31.21X5, O31.21X9, O31.22X0, O31.22X1, O31.22X2, O31.22X3, O31.22X4, O31.22X5, O31.22X9, O31.23X0, O31.23X1, O31.23X2, O31.23X3, O31.23X4, O31.23X5, O31.23X9, O31.30X0, O31.30X1, O31.30X2, O31.30X3, O31.30X4, O31.30X5, O31.30X9, O31.31X0, O31.31X1, O31.31X2, O31.31X3, O31.31X4, O31.31X5, O31.31X9, O31.32X0, O31.32X1, O31.32X2, O31.32X3, O31.32X4, O31.32X5, O31.32X9, O31.33X0, O31.33X1, O31.33X2, O31.33X3, O31.33X4, O31.33X5, O31.33X9, O31.8X10, O31.8X11, O31.8X12, O31.8X13, O31.8X14, O31.8X15, O31.8X19, O31.8X20, O31.8X21, O31.8X22, O31.8X23, O31.8X24, O31.8X25, O31.8X29, O31.8X30, O31.8X31, O31.8X32, O31.8X33, O31.8X34, O31.8X35, O31.8X39, O31.8X90, O31.8X91, O31.8X92, O31.8X93, O31.8X94, O31.8X95, O31.8X99, O32.0XX0, O32.0XX1, O32.0XX2, O32.0XX3, O32.0XX4, O32.0XX5, O32.0XX9, O32.1XX0, O32.1XX1, O32.1XX2, O32.1XX3, O32.1XX4, O32.1XX5, O32.1XX9, O32.2XX0, O32.2XX1, O32.2XX2, O32.2XX3, O32.2XX4, O32.2XX5, O32.2XX9, O32.3XX0, O32.3XX1, O32.3XX2, O32.3XX3, O32.3XX4, O32.3XX5, O32.3XX9, O32.4XX0, O32.4XX1, O32.4XX2, O32.4XX3, O32.4XX4, O32.4XX5, O32.4XX9, O32.6XX0, O32.6XX1, O32.6XX2, O32.6XX3, O32.6XX4, O32.6XX5, O32.6XX9, O32.8XX0, O32.8XX1, O32.8XX2, O32.8XX3, O32.8XX4, O32.8XX5, O32.8XX9, O32.9XX0, O32.9XX1, O32.9XX2, O32.9XX3, O32.9XX4, O32.9XX5, O32.9XX9, O33.0, O33.1, O33.2, O33.3XX0, O33.3XX1, O33.3XX2, O33.3XX3, O33.3XX4, O33.3XX5, O33.3XX9, O33.4XX0, O33.4XX1, O33.4XX2, O33.4XX3, O33.4XX4, O33.4XX5, O33.4XX9, O33.5XX0, O33.5XX1, O33.5XX2, O33.5XX3, O33.5XX4, O33.5XX5, O33.5XX9, O33.6XX0, O33.6XX1, O33.6XX2, O33.6XX3, O33.6XX4, O33.6XX5, O33.6XX9, O33.7, O33.8, O33.9, O34.00, O34.01, O34.02, O34.03, O34.10, O34.11, O34.12, O34.13, O34.21, O34.29, O34.30, O34.31, O34.32, O34.33, O34.40, O34.41, O34.42, O34.43, O34.511, O34.512, O34.513, O34.519, O34.521, O34.522, O34.523, O34.529, O34.531, O34.532, O34.533, O34.539, O34.591, O34.592, O34.593, O34.599, O34.60, O34.61, O34.62, O34.63, O34.70, O34.71, O34.72, O34.73, O34.80, O34.81, O34.82, O34.83, O34.90, O34.91, O34.92, O34.93, O35.0XX0, O35.0XX1, O35.0XX2, O35.0XX3, O35.0XX4, O35.0XX5, O35.0XX9, O35.1XX0, O35.1XX1, O35.1XX2, O35.1XX3, O35.1XX4, O35.1XX5, O35.1XX9, O35.2XX0, O35.2XX1, O35.2XX2, O35.2XX3, O35.2XX4, O35.2XX5, O35.2XX9, O35.3XX0, O35.3XX1, O35.3XX2, O35.3XX3, O35.3XX4, O35.3XX5, O35.3XX9, O35.4XX0, O35.4XX1, O35.4XX2, O35.4XX3, O35.4XX4, O35.4XX5, O35.4XX9, O35.5XX0, O35.5XX1, O35.5XX2, O35.5XX3, O35.5XX4, O35.5XX5, O35.5XX9, O35.6XX0, O35.6XX1, O35.6XX2, O35.6XX3, O35.6XX4, O35.6XX5, O35.6XX9, O35.7XX0, O35.7XX1, O35.7XX2, O35.7XX3, O35.7XX4, O35.7XX5, O35.7XX9, O35.8XX0, O35.8XX1, O35.8XX2, O35.8XX3, O35.8XX4, O35.8XX5, O35.8XX9, O35.9XX0, O35.9XX1, O35.9XX2, O35.9XX3, O35.9XX4, O35.9XX5, O35.9XX9, O36.0110, O36.0111, O36.0112, O36.0113, O36.0114, O36.0115, O36.0119, O36.0120, O36.0121, O36.0122, O36.0123, O36.0124, O36.0125, O36.0129, O36.0130, O36.0131, O36.0132, O36.0133, O36.0134, O36.0135, O36.0139, O36.0190, O36.0191, O36.0192, O36.0193, O36.0194, O36.0195, O36.0199, O36.0910, O36.0911, O36.0912, O36.0913, O36.0914, O36.0915, O36.0919, O36.0920, O36.0921, O36.0922, O36.0923, O36.0924, O36.0925, O36.0929, O36.0930, O36.0931, O36.0932, O36.0933, O36.0934, O36.0935, O36.0939, O36.0990, O36.0991, O36.0992, O36.0993, O36.0994, O36.0995, O36.0999, O36.1110, O36.1111, O36.1112, O36.1113, O36.1114, O36.1115, O36.1119, O36.1120, O36.1121, O36.1122, O36.1123, O36.1124, O36.1125, O36.1129, O36.1130, O36.1131, O36.1132, O36.1133, O36.1134, O36.1135, O36.1139, O36.1190, O36.1191, O36.1192, O36.1193, O36.1194, O36.1195, O36.1199, O36.1910, O36.1911, O36.1912, O36.1913, O36.1914, O36.1915, O36.1919, O36.1920, O36.1921, O36.1922, O36.1923, O36.1924, O36.1925, O36.1929, O36.1930, O36.1931, O36.1932, O36.1933, O36.1934, O36.1935, O36.1939, O36.1990, O36.1991, O36.1992, O36.1993, O36.1994, O36.1995, O36.1999, O36.20X0, O36.20X1, O36.20X2, O36.20X3, O36.20X4, O36.20X5, O36.20X9, O36.21X0, O36.21X1, O36.21X2, O36.21X3, O36.21X4, O36.21X5, O36.21X9, O36.22X0, O36.22X1, O36.22X2, O36.22X3, O36.22X4, O36.22X5, O36.22X9, O36.23X0, O36.23X1, O36.23X2, O36.23X3, O36.23X4, O36.23X5, O36.23X9, O36.4XX0, O36.4XX1, O36.4XX2, O36.4XX3, O36.4XX4, O36.4XX5, O36.4XX9, O36.5110, O36.5111, O36.5112, O36.5113, O36.5114, O36.5115, O36.5119, O36.5120, O36.5121, O36.5122, O36.5123, O36.5124, O36.5125, O36.5129, O36.5130, O36.5131, O36.5132, O36.5133, O36.5134, O36.5135, O36.5139, O36.5190, O36.5191, O36.5192, O36.5193, O36.5194, O36.5195, O36.5199, O36.5910, O36.5911, O36.5912, O36.5913, O36.5914, O36.5915, O36.5919, O36.5920, O36.5921, O36.5922, O36.5923, O36.5924, O36.5925, O36.5929, O36.5930, O36.5931, O36.5932, O36.5933, O36.5934, O36.5935, O36.5939, O36.5990, O36.5991, O36.5992, O36.5993, O36.5994, O36.5995, O36.5999, O36.60X0, O36.60X1, O36.60X2, O36.60X3, O36.60X4, O36.60X5, O36.60X9, O36.61X0, O36.61X1, O36.61X2, O36.61X3, O36.61X4, O36.61X5, O36.61X9, O36.62X0, O36.62X1, O36.62X2, O36.62X3, O36.62X4, O36.62X5, O36.62X9, O36.63X0, O36.63X1, O36.63X2, O36.63X3, O36.63X4, O36.63X5, O36.63X9, O36.70X0, O36.70X1, O36.70X2, O36.70X3, O36.70X4, O36.70X5, O36.70X9, O36.71X0, O36.71X1, O36.71X2, O36.71X3, O36.71X4, O36.71X5, O36.71X9, O36.72X0, O36.72X1, O36.72X2, O36.72X3, O36.72X4, O36.72X5, O36.72X9, O36.73X0, O36.73X1, O36.73X2, O36.73X3, O36.73X4, O36.73X5, O36.73X9, O36.8120, O36.8121, O36.8122, O36.8123, O36.8124, O36.8125, O36.8129, O36.8130, O36.8131, O36.8132, O36.8133, O36.8134, O36.8135, O36.8139, O36.8190, O36.8191, O36.8192, O36.8193, O36.8194, O36.8195, O36.8199, O36.8210, O36.8211, O36.8212, O36.8213, O36.8214, O36.8215, O36.8219, O36.8220, O36.8221, O36.8222, O36.8223, O36.8224, O36.8225, O36.8229, O36.8230, O36.8231, O36.8232, O36.8233, O36.8234, O36.8235, O36.8239, O36.8290, O36.8291, O36.8292, O36.8293, O36.8294, O36.8295, O36.8299, O36.8910, O36.8911, O36.8912, O36.8913, O36.8914, O36.8915, O36.8919, O36.8920, O36.8921, O36.8922, O36.8923, O36.8924, O36.8925, O36.8929, O36.8930, O36.8931, O36.8932, O36.8933, O36.8934, O36.8935, O36.8939, O36.8990, O36.8991, O36.8992, O36.8993, O36.8994, O36.8995, O36.8999, O36.90X0, O36.90X1, O36.90X2, O36.90X3, O36.90X4, O36.90X5, O36.90X9, O36.91X0, O36.91X1, O36.91X2, O36.91X3, O36.91X4, O36.91X5, O36.91X9, O36.92X0, O36.92X1, O36.92X2, O36.92X3, O36.92X4, O36.92X5, O36.92X9, O36.93X0, O36.93X1, O36.93X2, O36.93X3, O36.93X4, O36.93X5, O36.93X9, O40.1XX0, O40.1XX1, O40.1XX2, O40.1XX3, O40.1XX4, O40.1XX5, O40.1XX9, O40.2XX0, O40.2XX1, O40.2XX2, O40.2XX3, O40.2XX4, O40.2XX5, O40.2XX9, O40.3XX0, O40.3XX1, O40.3XX2, O40.3XX3, O40.3XX4, O40.3XX5, O40.3XX9, O40.9XX0, O40.9XX1, O40.9XX2, O40.9XX3, O40.9XX4, O40.9XX5, O40.9XX9, O41.00X0, O41.00X1, O41.00X2, O41.00X3, O41.00X4, O41.00X5, O41.00X9, O41.01X0, O41.01X1, O41.01X2, O41.01X3, O41.01X4, O41.01X5, O41.01X9, O41.02X0, O41.02X1, O41.02X2, O41.02X3, O41.02X4, O41.02X5, O41.02X9, O41.03X0, O41.03X1, O41.03X2, O41.03X3, O41.03X4, O41.03X5, O41.03X9, O41.1010, O41.1011, O41.1012, O41.1013, O41.1014, O41.1015, O41.1019, O41.1020, O41.1021, O41.1022, O41.1023, O41.1024, O41.1025, O41.1029, O41.1030, O41.1031, O41.1032, O41.1033, O41.1034, O41.1035, O41.1039, O41.1090, O41.1091, O41.1092, O41.1093, O41.1094, O41.1095, O41.1099, O41.1210, O41.1211, O41.1212, O41.1213, O41.1214, O41.1215, O41.1219, O41.1220, O41.1221, O41.1222, O41.1223, O41.1224, O41.1225, O41.1229, O41.1230, O41.1231, O41.1232, O41.1233, O41.1234, O41.1235, O41.1239, O41.1290, O41.1291, O41.1292, O41.1293, O41.1294, O41.1295, O41.1299, O41.1410, O41.1411, O41.1412, O41.1413, O41.1414, O41.1415, O41.1419, O41.1420, O41.1421, O41.1422, O41.1423, O41.1424, O41.1425, O41.1429, O41.1430, O41.1431, O41.1432, O41.1433, O41.1434, O41.1435, O41.1439, O41.1490, O41.1491, O41.1492, O41.1493, O41.1494, O41.1495, O41.1499, O41.8X10, O41.8X11, O41.8X12, O41.8X13, O41.8X14, O41.8X15, O41.8X19, O41.8X20, O41.8X21, O41.8X22, O41.8X23, O41.8X24, O41.8X25, O41.8X29, O41.8X30, O41.8X31, O41.8X32, O41.8X33, O41.8X34, O41.8X35, O41.8X39, O41.8X90, O41.8X91, O41.8X92, O41.8X93, O41.8X94, O41.8X95, O41.8X99, O41.90X0, O41.90X1, O41.90X2, O41.90X3, O41.90X4, O41.90X5, O41.90X9, O41.91X0, O41.91X1, O41.91X2, O41.91X3, O41.91X4, O41.91X5, O41.91X9, O41.92X0, O41.92X1, O41.92X2, O41.92X3, O41.92X4, O41.92X5, O41.92X9, O41.93X0, O41.93X1, O41.93X2, O41.93X3, O41.93X4, O41.93X5, O41.93X9, O42.00, O42.011, O42.012, O42.013, O42.019, O42.02, O42.10, O42.111, O42.112, O42.113, O42.119, O42.12, O42.90, O42.911, O42.912, O42.913, O42.919, O42.92, O43.011, O43.012, O43.013, O43.019, O43.021, O43.022, O43.023, O43.029, O43.101, O43.102, O43.103, O43.109, O43.111, O43.112, O43.113, O43.119, O43.121, O43.122, O43.123, O43.129, O43.191, O43.192, O43.193, O43.199, O43.211, O43.212, O43.213, O43.219, O43.221, O43.222, O43.223, O43.229, O43.231, O43.232, O43.233, O43.239, O43.811, O43.812, O43.813, O43.819, O43.891, O43.892, O43.893, O43.899, O43.90, O43.91, O43.92, O43.93, O44.00, O44.01, O44.02, O44.03, O44.10, O44.11, O44.12, O44.13, O45.001, O45.002, O45.003, O45.009, O45.011, O45.012, O45.013, O45.019, O45.021, O45.022, O45.023, O45.029, O45.091, O45.092, O45.093, O45.099, O45.8X1, O45.8X2, O45.8X3, O45.8X9, O45.90, O45.91, O45.92, O45.93, O46.001, O46.002, O46.003, O46.009, O46.011, O46.012, O46.013, O46.019, O46.021, O46.022, O46.023, O46.029, O46.091, O46.092, O46.093, O46.099, O46.8X1, O46.8X2, O46.8X3, O46.8X9, O46.90, O46.91, O46.92, O46.93, O47.00, O47.02, O47.03, O47.1, O47.9, O48.0, O48.1, O60.00, O60.02, O60.03, O71.00, O71.02, O71.03, O88.011, O88.012, O88.013, O88.019, O88.111, O88.112, O88.113, O88.119, O88.211, O88.212, O88.213, O88.219, O88.311, O88.312, O88.313, O88.319, O88.811, O88.812, O88.813, O88.819, O90.3, O91.011, O91.012, O91.013, O91.019, O91.111, O91.112, O91.113, O91.119, O91.211, O91.212, O91.213, O91.219, O92.011, O92.012, O92.013, O92.019, O92.111, O92.112, O92.113, O92.119, O92.20, O92.29, O98.011, O98.012, O98.013, O98.019, O98.111, O98.112, O98.113, O98.119, O98.211, O98.212, O98.213, O98.219, O98.311, O98.312, O98.313, O98.319, O98.411, O98.412, O98.413, O98.419, O98.511, O98.512, O98.513, O98.519, O98.611, O98.612, O98.613, O98.619, O98.711, O98.712, O98.713, O98.719, O98.811, O98.812, O98.813, O98.819, O98.911, O98.912, O98.913, O98.919, O99.011, O99.012, O99.013, O99.019, O99.111, O99.112, O99.113, O99.119, O99.210, O99.211, O99.212, O99.213, O99.280, O99.281, O99.282, O99.283, O99.310, O99.311, O99.312, O99.313, O99.320, O99.321, O99.322, O99.323, O99.330, O99.331, O99.332, O99.333, O99.340, O99.341, O99.342, O99.343, O99.350, O99.351, O99.352, O99.353, O99.411, O99.412, O99.413, O99.419, O99.511, O99.512, O99.513, O99.519, O99.611, O99.612, O99.613, O99.619, O99.711, O99.712, O99.713, O99.719, O99.810, O99.820, O99.830, O99.840, O99.841, O99.842, O99.843, O99.89, O9A.111, O9A.112, O9A.113, O9A.119, O9A.211, O9A.212, O9A.213, O9A.219, O9A.311, O9A.312, O9A.313, O9A.319, O9A.411, O9A.412, O9A.413, O9A.419, O9A.511, O9A.512, O9A.513, O9A.519, Z33.1, Z34.00, Z34.01, Z34.02, Z34.03, Z34.80, Z34.81, Z34.82, Z34.83, Z34.90, Z34.91, Z34.92, Z34.93, Z36
Diagnosis, Active: Pregnancy: SNOMED 102872000, 102873005, 102875003, 14418008, 169560008, 169561007, 169562000, 169563005, 169564004, 169565003, 169566002, 169567006, 169568001, 199715003, 237233002, 237238006, 237239003, 237240001, 237241002, 237242009, 237244005, 248985009, 281307002, 314204000, 41587001, 45307008, 47200007, 57630001, 58532003, 59466002, 65727000, 72892002, 77386006, 83074005, 9279009
Encounter, Performed: Face-to-Face Interaction: SNOMED 12843005, 18170008, 19681004, 87790002, 90526000, 185349003, 185463005, 185465003, 207195004, 270427003, 270430005, 308335008, 390906007, 406547006, 439708006
Encounter, Performed: Home Healthcare Services: CPT 99341, 99342, 99343, 99344, 99345, 99347, 99348, 99349, 99350
Encounter, Performed: Office Visit: CPT 99201, 99202, 99203, 99204, 99205, 99212, 99213, 99214, 99215
Encounter, Performed: Preventive Care – Established Office Visit, 0 to 17: CPT 99391, 99392, 99393, 99394
Encounter, Performed: Preventive Care Services – Group Counseling: CPT 99411, 99412
Encounter, Performed: Preventive Care Services – Individual Counseling: CPT 99401, 99402, 99403, 99404
Encounter, Performed: Preventive Care – Initial Office Visit, 0 to 17: CPT 99381, 99382, 99383, 99384
Intervention, Performed: Counseling for Nutrition: CPT 97802, 97803, 97804
Intervention, Performed: Counseling for Nutrition: SNOMED 11816003, 61310001, 103699006, 183059007, 183060002, 183061003, 183062005, 183063000, 183065007, 183066008, 183067004, 183068009, 183069001, 183070000, 183071001, 229807004, 229808009, 230089004, 266724001, 284352003, 285390004, 285392007, 306163007, 306164001, 306165000, 306353006, 306354000, 313076000, 361232005, 370847001, 386264009, 386464006, 386469001, 398752005, 400973003, 408289007, 408430003, 410200000, 410270001, 410293007, 410402005, 419155003, 424753004, 429095004, 443288003
Intervention, Performed: Counseling for Physical Activity: SNOMED 103736005, 183075005, 223415003, 223440005, 281090004, 304507003, 304517008, 304549008, 304558001, 310882002, 386291006, 386292004, 386463000, 390864007, 390893007, 398636004, 398752005, 408289007, 410200000, 410289001, 410335001, 426866005, 429095004