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Henry Schein Medical Systems serves medical practices, community health centers and billing services. All medical and surgical specialties — rely on MicroMD software to help grow their businesses and deliver high-quality care.

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Since using MicroMD PM + EMR, our collection rate is over 95 percent and our funds are usually collected within 7 days, so it’s increased our collections close to 20 percent. Our revenue stream at least 15 to 20 percent

David Hicks, DO
West Coast Family Medical Care,
Clearwater, FL
Family Practice, 1 Provider

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Small-Medium Practices

MicroMD is easy to use with lots of flexibility. You can customize things yourself on the fly without having to call Support or pay extra fees. You can easily create your own templates and even separate templates for different doctors/conditions/types of visits. We are a sub-specialist and there were no specific products tailored for us and that is why we ultimately selected MicroMD – to have more flexibility to design what best suits our unique practice. This is also one of the easiest products to train staff on and much less complicated than the hospital-based EMR systems we considered. I can actually train a resident who is rotating with us to use this product in about 2 minutes and they are ready to assist the doctor in clinic.
Garrett Wheat, AdministratorSouthfield, MI | Consultants in Ophthalmic & Facial Plastic Surgery
Since switching to MicroMD PM, everything from front office to the back is running smoother and much more efficient. Checking eligibility is easier and faster and collections have increased significantly. MicroMD is very user-friendly. Training new staff on the software is done in less than half the time compared to our old, key-stoke heavy system. The support staff is great and problems are resolved in an efficient manner. We are very happy with the change to MicroMD PM.
Gretchen Newberry, Administrative AssistantMark Newberry, MD | Havana, FL | Family Practice | 1 Provider
My biggest piece of advice is don’t trust a small company for your PM and EMR needs. Henry Schein is a strong, reputable company with the flexibility that allows me to do whatever I want with my EMR.
Ronald W. Alm, DPMLewiston, ID - Podiatry | 1 Provider
We’ve hired no additional administrative staff in spite of 30 to 35 percent growth in business volume since the MicroMD PM installation. And we have reduced our receivables by a full 20 percent. This benefit alone more than paid for the system.
Rita Lopez, R.N., Practice AdministratorBlood & Cancer Center | Canfield, OH | Hematology and Oncology | 3 Providers
I researched and met with a variety of EHR and PM software vendors before deciding on MicroMD. Choosing a software vendor was a difficult process because I have a multi-specialty group practice and I wanted to find an application that would properly support two specialties. The applications are user friendly and support is always available and helpful. The transition to ICD-10 was seamless and I have successfully met both Stage 1 and Stage 2 of Meaningful Use. I have been live on MicroMD PM + EMR for more than three years, and the fact that I made the right choice is affirmed daily.
Rachel K. Lewis, Office ManagerDrs. Lewis and Lewis | Winter Park, FL | Multiple Speciality Practice
We chose MicroMD after using a couple of vendors’ products. We like MicroMD PM + EMR for its ease of use and speed. The software allows us to enter and access clinical information quickly and easily – a critical function for our urgent care setting. The interface between the PM and EMR is seamless allowing for enhanced billing processes. We also utilize MedicScan to scan and import data from identification and insurance cards into MicroMD PM and are able to use a document scanner to scan lab and x-ray reports and attach them to patient records in the EMR. This functionality has allowed us to become a paperless office where we no longer create or manage paper charts.
Dean Schear, CEORoswell Family Care | Roswell, NM | Family Practice | 4 Providers
MicroMD EMR is robust, yet intuitive. The organization makes sense, and it provides multiple ways to chart an encounter to accommodate different physician styles and preferences. I felt like I could navigate my way through an encounter note after that first demo.
Mike Schindel, MDMile High Family Medicine, Lakewood, CO - Family Practice | 2 Providers
We selected MicroMD PM as our practice management solution after an extensive national search. On each crucial product point in our final selection process (price, client references, longevity in the market, scope of functionality in the base product, product support and ease of use), MicroMD PM was by far the best choice for our practice.
John Long, Practice AdministratorDiabetes & Endocrinology Associates | Decatur, GA | Endocrinology | 6 Providers
MicroMD EMR is a strong program to help manage clinical functions. The customizable templates make the software easy to use without a problem. Whenever I have a question about something my support representative is always quick to respond; their assistance and product knowledge is excellent.
Issam Al-Turk, MDSandusky Medical and Pain Center | Sandusky, OH | Pain Management | 1 Provider
The whole staff is more efficient, from the front desk all the way to billing. Verifying patients’ eligibility and checking them in is a very fast process with all of the integrated services. In general, we are able to do a lot with the limited staff that we have.
Tareq Hulali, MDMidland, TX - Pediatrician | 1 Provider
You need an IT degree to run some EMRs. We found MicroMD EMR intuitive and straightforward. The software provides us with the reports we need to keep our practice running and ensures compliance with Meaningful Use measures needed to secure EHR incentives. I highly recommend MicroMD software whether you’re a new physician just starting out or have been practicing for 20 years.”
Michael T. Ciletti, MDNiles, OH | Family Practice | 1 Provider
We will never, ever go back to that old system. MicroMD PM reporting is good, which allows us to quickly and accurately see where the money is. The front desk collects a high percentage of co-pays and deductibles, our billers go after the denials, and the collectors consistently go after unpaid patient accounts. The physicians are happy with MicroMD PM, and the billers have been enthralled. MicroMD PM is a major factor in allowing us to collect at nearly double the national average for cardiologists.
Steve Stratton, Executive DirectorPremier Heart Association | Dayton, OH | Cardiology | 8 Providers

Large Practices

In five years since using MicroMD PM, we’ve gone from nine doctors to 16. We’ve nearly doubled our volume, and we’re turning over claims faster. But we have fewer people in the billing department. They’re happier and they work more efficiently, too. I think that says a lot.
Harold Muir, Practice AdministratorMichigan Kidney Consultants | Rochester Hills, MI | Nephrology | 18 Providers
Our claims processing is more accurate, and our staff has reduced our claims rejection rate by 20 percent. We’re collecting payment sooner, and we’ve improved cash flow while spending less time correcting errors.
Joseph F. Heavey, FACHE, Chief Executive OfficerThe Children’s Medical Group PLLC | Poughkeepsie, NY | Pediatrics |19 Providers

Community Health Centers

I am a new MIS Coordinator for a rural health care facility. This facility has been using MicroMD for several years. Having only worked with the programs myself for the past few months, I can attest that MicroMD is very easy to navigate and understand. MicroMD PM and EMR are user friendly and provide quick access to the information you need. Also, Client Support is an amazing resource that is always quick to provide direction for any issues that arise. Each time I have had to call on MicroMD Client Support, they have been courteous, patient, and willing to assist. The IT department even scheduled an appointment with me to remote in to my computer and walk me through how each program works. This has been a great help to me as I learned to navigate the programs.
Todd Stork, MIS CoordinatorMostellar Medical Center | Irvington, AL | Community Health Center

Our providers are telling me that the MicroMD EMR system is one of the most flexible and user friendly systems they have evaluated not only for charting but for the office workflow as well.

Each of our providers has their own way of doing things, and MicroMD EMR let’s them practice medicine on their terms. What I appreciate the most about this system’s flexibility is that it has increased user adoption and that has continued to bring growing benefits to our bottom-line.

Doug Smith, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Information OfficerCommunity Partners HealthNet, Inc. | Snow Hill | NC Community | Health Center

The comprehensive reporting capabilities of MicroMD PM provide the necessary information needed for CHC reporting requirements. Data collection and ease of reporting is very important to CHC billing clients and with MicroMD PM we are able to handle these functions effortlessly. I have come to depend on the MicroMD support staff’s expertise and experience to solve any problems when they do occur, which is not often. MicroMD has truly made it easy to meet the demands of the extensive CHC billing requirements.

Karen Kelly, Owner of Renaissance Healthcare ManagementContract Biller for Community Action of Columbiana County | East Liverpool, OH | Community Health Center

Billing Services

We chose MicroMD PM after looking at three other PM software programs. We have been using MicroMD PM for 11+ years and have been satisfied with the results. The program has proven to be ‘solid’ with very few hiccups. In the rare instances we found ourselves out of balance, Henry Schein Support has been there to assist. My staff of 22 employees has dedicated themselves to understanding the MicroMD PM system and it has proven to work very well for us.
Debra A. Swopes, Billing ManagerDelta Physician Billing | Delta, CO | Billing Service | 19 Practices
Our goal was finding the best product for the best price. Five years later, I think we did a pretty good job of that. It’s very cost-effective and a good product that fits all of our needs.
Brad Arthur, Director of Billing OperationsThe Consult, Inc. | Cincinnati, OH | Billing Service | 50 Practices
We provide services to hundreds of physicians throughout the New York metropolitan area. Our customers depend on us to provide leading-edge technology. To accommodate these needs, we undertook a 24 month-long national search for our software and are pleased to have selected MicroMD PM.
Michael H. Lewensohn, Director of Medical Reimbursement ServicesODM&D Medical Management Billing Service | 51 Practices