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We believe that satisfaction doesn’t just happen. Satisfaction is a deliberate result of passionate people delivering trusted sales, innovative software, responsive support, consultative services and long-term stability. Take a look at some of the “Rave Reviews” we collected from clients that have formally applauded our staff and/or any of our products or services. If your a client, and would like the opportunity to submit a positive comment about our staff and/or products, click here to submit a Rave Review.

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Help Desk/Phone Support Inquiry

I am so Thankful for her, she is always there to help me when needed and with a “timely” response. I appreciate no matter what the problem is even if I am about to freak out she has a way to keep me calm and keep me on task and there has not been a problem that she has not been able to fix. She knows the product well! I do appreciate her kindness too. It is a rare find that a person will take the time to make sure you understand the product and not make you feel you are a bother to them. You should be thankful for her also she represents you well.
Peggy - Western Reserve Vascular Inst. LLCEmployee: Lori Mitchum, Upgrade Representative
Joyce is our Rock Star – that is what I call her. She is always so helpful – honest and to the point. She will help you obtain answers and understand all questions and issues. She is fabulous!!!
Mary Sonnie - Senders PediatricsEmployee: Joyce Wicks, Software Support Specialist
I want to let you know how helpful Helena was with my issue. She was patient, friendly, and very knowledgeable. I was having issues when billing the claims. This was the second time this week so, my patience was getting a little low 🙁 When she called I explained the problem, she was able to have this corrected and the claims sent out within minutes. Also,she explained why this was happening. So, I ask her to help me with the invalids I was receiving from PI with the J codes. Which she also resolved. Way to go Helena!! I can tell she loves her job!! Thank You!
Triad Health Services, LLCEmployee: Helena Mullett, Software Support Technician
Having an issue sending Ohio medicaid claims as a individual provider instead of group. Helena showed me where the problem was and how it needs to be resolved. Helena has been a great help any time i have any issues or problems with the system.
Terri - Nikor Mgt.Employee: Helena Mullett, Software Support Technician
Helena was very nice and helpful in resolving my problem.
Seaford - PediatricsEmployee: Helena Mullett, Software Support Technician
Helena offered outstanding service and was very helpful with resolving the problem we were having.
Beth - Canfield Counseling ClinicEmployee: Helena Mullett, Software Support Technician

Helena provided great customer service. Answered all my questions and even took the time to find the solutions while I was on the line. She made sure that I understood the information and did not rush me through the conversation.

Laney Grose Carlson - Hansen, Kwon-Hong M.D.sEmployee: Helena Mullett, Software Support Technician

What a great group of girls – very knowledgeable in every aspect of the programs. There are very respectful of our staff (were still learning) always fixing the problem before were off the phone and making sure we understand. Thank you!!

Donna Glotz - Cardiac Diagnostic ServicesEmployee: Jodi Kishel, Software Support Specialist Level 2 - Angela Carpec, Software Support Specialist Level 1

Helena was great and answered my questions. She was very good at explaining what I needed to know by going to “go to assist.”

Sherron Hall - Comprehensive Pshyciatry GroupEmployee: Helena Mullett, Software Support Technician

Bob was awesome! We have had signature pad issues and Bob resolved them.

Robyn Edwards - Permian Basin Community CenterEmployee: Bob Fagan, Level II, Client Support Technician

Dan has stuck with me during my migration to another server. He’s been a huge help in dealing with our 3rd parties and helping to coordinate our efforts. Thanks again Dan!

Jared Cleverley - Pain Management ConsultantsEmployee: Dan Novotny, Interface Specialist

Heather helped me to understand the merging patient process of PM and EMR. She was very nice and made sure I was comfortable with everything before she disconnected. Thanks Heather!

Michael Silva - Chemed HealthEmployee: Heather Kelty, Product Manager
Joyce is amazing! She is so helpful and always willing to go the extra mile for us. I absolutely am 100% pleased with her! She makes my life easier.
Patricia Griesheimer - UMASEmployee: Joyce Wicks, Software Support Specialist
Helena has been very helpful and goes out her way to step out of the box to solve the issue on hand.
Rhonda Reeder - PsyCare Inc.Employee: Helena Mullett, Software Support Technician
Helena did a wonderful job of fixing our issue and also showed us something new that we had the capabilities to do but didn’t know about this option.
Brenda Kuhnert - Lawrence Urology, P.A.Employee: Helena Mullett, Software Support Technician

Always very helpful and courteous. Couldn’t resolve the issue at this time because it was too old. Will contact her when this comes up again as soon as it happens. Overall the staff as always been able to solve my issues in a timely manner. Thank you!

Toni - Clearwater NeurosciencesEmployee: Helena Mullett, Software Support Technician

Helena was great and answered all questions.

Global BillingEmployee: Helena Mullett, Software Support Technician

When I started working here I had to learn a new PM and EMR system completely. This is not easy for some people. I had a lot of questions on capability and items that the system was not doing yet. Joyce has been a savior from Henry Schein. She answers all my questions and concerns on the first try. I never have to wait for a response. She is so knowledgeable and pleasant when I talk to her. She goes out of her way to make sure my issues are resolved to my standards as well as hers. I have the utmost respect for Joyce and her knowledge. Joyce Wicks deserves the highest reward for customer service. Thank you Joyce.

Sherrie Fordham - Medical Center for Bone and Joint DisordersEmployee: Joyce Mospens, Product Implementation Specialist

Joyce Mospens Rocks !! My clients had mapping issues with ICD-10 and Joyce saved the day with patience and such grace. Joyce remains calm and has such a positive approach. Her personal commitment to quality sets the standard of excellence. I can always count on Joyce to exceed my expectations of service. I have so much respect for Joyce and I am sincere in my appreciation of the help she provides.

Jean Papin - TCIEmployee: Joyce Mospens, Product Implementation Specialist

Chris is the best tech I have worked with at MicroMD. He always goes above and beyond. He did our software upgrade tonight, but he has helped me with complicated issues in the past, and he is always a great problem-solver. Thanks Chris!

Robyn Edwards - Permian Basin Community CenteEmployee: Christopher Sanders, Software Support Technician L2

I have been working with Mike on technical support at Anna Korkis’ office and he provides outstanding service and solutions. Thank you for all of your help!

Don Korkis - Anna Korkis, M.D.Employee: Mike Smith, Product Implementation Specialist

Whenever someone at Medix notices that Dan Novotny has taken ownership of one of our service orders – we simply breathe easy and move on to some other crisis because it is obvious that the issue is in good hands. Personally, I state that it is a joy to work with Dan because he is efficient, professional, and a good sport. I hope he is recognized appropriately.

Medix Systems ConsultantsEmployee: Dan Novotny, Interface Specialist

I spoke to Joyce a week prior to her service regarding our needs with the change to the 5010 billing changes. We experienced a second glitch when she was out of the office. Without even calling Joyce, she took the initiative to help our billing staff to resolve major billing problems without even a phone call. I called her today to let her know how much we appreicated her effort and initiative. After my call, I saw the bar on her email and wanted to take the time to acknowledge a job well done. Joyce has been most helpful and is a great asset to your organization.

Emile A. Bertucci, III Administrator - Tri-County Eye ClinicEmployee: Joyce Mospens, Level II, Client Support Specialist
Joyce is so helpful to my team at Delta County Memorial Hospital. Every time I have asked her for assistance she is on top of it. She has helped me numerous times set up new providers. I appreciate her so much!
Darla Ballard - Delta County Memorial HosptialEmployee: Joyce Wicks, Software Support Specialist
She was happy to go to assist when i asked. She was wonderful at helping me solve my issue, very polite and professional. I have had a pleasant experince with her in the past and was going to ask for her by name today so when she was the tech that answered the phone and i was so excited. She always stays with you until the problem is solved.
Shaa Woods - Gulf Coast Health Center, Inc.Employee: Helena Mullett, Software Support Technician
Recently we had a serious problem with our electronic billing. The support team went over and beyond to solve this issue. I can’t say enough great things about the staff that worked with me. (4 days!!!).They checked in everyday to see how we were progressing and the upper tier people were able to pinpoint the problem. Thank you Joyce, you did an outstanding job for us. We all appreciate your dedication to our issue. 🙂
Sue - Pediatric AssociatesEmployee: Joyce Mospens, Product Implementation Specialist

Helena was very helpful with my questions.

Deanna - TLC PediatricsEmployee: Helena Mullett, Software Support Technician

Very very helpful and professional. Want to talk to her each time I need to call.

Artina Thomas - Snapfing Woods Family PracticeEmployee: Helena Mullett, Software Support Technician

Where do I start? Jen is the most soft spoken bring your stress level down 5 notchess kind of person! She is always there when I need her! She is kind, respectful and never belittling even when I ask A LOT of questions. Jen is a real Blessing to m. I owe her so much! I treuly feel without Jen I would still be scream at the computer why oh why are you not … Jen is such a credit to your company.

Peggy - Western Reserve Vascular InstituteEmployee: Jen Yazvac, Software Support Specialist Level 1

We have been with Henry Cchein since 2009 and appreciate the knowledge, courtesy and timely customer service you have provided our practice in the past. All employees that have answered support calls have been nothing but pleasant and helpful. We thank you for that.

Lori Porzio - Royal Oaks Medical CenterEmployee: Angela, Joyce and Helena - MicroMD Support Staff

Joyce originally trained my office staff in 2002 when we first got MicroMD and she was wonderful, patient, and very informative and a wonderful teacher she has always been able to resolve any issue, answer any question. We most recently lost our ability to receive EOBs after we electronically bill. It was so frustrating. Joyce persisted to find out an answer as to why this was happening. She put in a STAT order with development and it was resolved with a couple of days. She is a gem.

Mary Lynn Angelotti - Tristate Neurological SurgeonsEmployee: Joyce Mospens, Product Implementation Specialist

Joyce is incredibly helpful!! She has been answering our MicroMD questions since 2004 when she trained our staff during our initial installation. It gives me great piece of mind knowing that when I have a question I have a “go to” person that is always fast with a response. Joyce is very knowledgeable and has the ability to come up with creative solutions to our most difficult requests. We deal with several different software support teams and by far Joyce and her colleagues at Henry Schein are the best. Thank you for all you do for us Joyce.

Jason Kavalier - Kavalier & AssociatesEmployee: Joyce Mospens, Level II, Client Support Specialist

Our practice experienced a major trauma this past spring. After several years of service we discovered that our former biller had been stealing money from the practice. It fell upon me, a Registered Nurse, to assume the billing duties. I had some limited experience in this area but not enough to do the job on my own. I called the help desk and connected with Celeste. She was so kind, supportive and patient! She helped keep our practice running, I don’t know what I would have done without her help. She taught me so much! Our revenues have increased and I can now relax when I go home from work. She has a wonderful way of working with people and deserves to be commended! Thanks again Celeste.

Christy TippetEmployee: Celeste Tasker, PM Training Lead
I being working with Micro MD since 2013, and have to say that the customer service I experienced with Helena today 05-11-2016 has been one of the best in all this time. She was fantastic!! Job well done.
Rural Health Network of Monroe County, FL Inc.Employee: Helena Mullett, Software Support Technician
The 2 hour training session was fantastic. As always, Lisa presented the training on Practice Insight in a very well informed manner. We went away with a much better understanding of what we can accomplish with practice insight and how to get there. Everything just seems to make so much more sense now. Thank you Lisa. We are really looking forward to additional training once we put what we have learned into practice. Over the past few years Lisa has helped in many ways to make our jobs run much smoother.
Elaine Gromada - Triad Health ServicesEmployee: Lisa Davis, Training Specialist
Deanie - Paragon Heart GroupEmployee: Helena Mullett, Software Support Technician
Whenever I have an issue and get Jen’s extension I know she will help me solve the problem as quickly as possible. She is great to deal with and works in a timely manner.
Diane - Michael Abdul Malak, MDEmployee: Jen Yazvac, Software Support Specialist Level 1

Helena was very very helpful in helping me to problem solve an issue with one of our providers who was not listed on the EMR side and to get her claims to resend. She also directed me as to what needed done to get our billing person added to the EMR side of MicroMD.

Rhonda Reeder - Psycare Inc.Employee: Helena Mullett, Software Support Technician

Helena and Joyce have helped my office on many occasions and they never talked down to us or made us feel ignorant. We appreciate the entire team you have.

Norma Harley - Advanced Dermatology Assoc. of Sussex CountyEmployee: Helena Mullett, Software Support Technician and Joyce

Helena was a wonderful help navigating me around Practice Insight showing me how to run eligibilities.

Jennifer Erb-krstevski - Family Medicine and WellnessEmployee: Helena Mullett, Software Support Technician

I needed to compare a list of PPE providers to Practice Insight providers, this would have taken myself an/or software support staff hours to do. Aaron was able to do his ‘magic’ within excel and in a matter of minutes give me just the providers we needed to add. Thank you Aaron!

Lisa Davis - MicroMD PM Training SpecialistEmployee: Aaron Selway, Software Support Technician L2

We were having a problem getting the interface with our Spot Vials to work. Behind the scenes Joshua was able to figure out the issue and get us up and running.

Lake Howell Family MedicineEmployee: Joshua Eynon, Senior Installation Services Analyst

I appreciate the time and effort Laura spent with us today. She looked at all of our questions and worked with us to resolve what she could, but also understand the ones she may not have understood. She was awesome and has forwarded some of our issues “up the chain” but is following up to make sure we are delighted. The changes you have been making in the support area is great from my perspective. I get answers the same day I submit them and Laura made us feel at ease and was able to get to “the root” of our problems. She is a shining star in your improving support channel!

Jon Calder - MCHSEmployee: Laura Yurco, Level II, Client Support Specialist

Laura is always a pleasure to work with. I do not restrict my praise to one incident – she is consistently willing and able to provide technical support with patience and grace by phone or e-mail. She is an asset to Henry Schein.

Ude EkoEmployee: Laura Yurco, Level II, Client Support Specialist

Accounting/Invoice Inquiries

I have been very frustrated with multiple problems regarding accounting and got not response until Maria became involved. She was very patient with my raving and ranting, made me realize she was truly trying to help, and solved 2 of my problems and set to work on helping with my third. I really felt that someone finally cared. She gets my vote to start running things at MicroMD.

Stephen E. Helms, M.D. - Warren DermatologyEmployee: Maria Marsteller, Account Specialist

Maria goes the extra mile to make sure our account is straight. She often calls for clarification when our organization has the paperwork incorrect to help me get things correct. She is considered a partner on our team here in Midland Texas.

Jon Calder - MCHSEmployee: Maria Marsteller, Account Specialist

Maria is kind, sweet, professional, helpful and willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure customer care is the #1 priority. I called on Tuesday frustrated with the sales department due to lack of communication, knowledge and feeling like I was being pushed by a car sales man. Maria took the time to listen to my complaints, took down my questions, e-mailed me several times to keep me in the loop and got answers and solutions to me within 2 days. Thank you so much for all of your help, words can never express how you made this experience a delight. Thanks again Maria 🙂

Tracy Lewis, Office Manager - Mile High Family MedicineEmployee: Maria Marsteller, Account Specialist

Sales Assistance/Demos/Quotes

Our agency was in need of a demo and product information and we got what we need in record time. Lori was helpful and very informative as well as sensitive to our needs. She offered information, and had some great ideas for our budding public health organization. I am looking forward to our Demo in the coming week.

KimEmployee: Lori Ryan, Area Sales Manager

I had a very pleasant experience while speaking to Maria in regards to getting a quote for the Patient Portal in MicroMD EMR. She was courteous, knowledgeable, and very professional. She immediately emailed the quote after our phone conversation, so I was able to give my superiors the information they needed very quickly. My thanks to Maria for a job well done and I look forward to working with here in the future as the need arises.

Layton Bosarge - Mostellar Medical CenterEmployee: Maria Marsteller, Account Specialist

Lori attended the APMA conference exhibitor hall and provided me with incredible recommendations on several products that would increase our office productivity immensely. I had no idea that there were so many services that I could add onto our PM and EMR that will automate and streamline our workflow. She is an amazing expert on how the products work and provided demonstrations of how to use the products, as well as presenting what is “coming soon”. She helped me trouble-shoot some issues and overcame any reluctance I had about the Henry Schein products. She is a terrific asset to HS. Thank you for sending her to Las Vegas!

Lois Alm - Ronald W. Alm, DPMEmployee: Lori Ryan, Area Sales Manager


Our claims were being rejected for the descriptions for the J code requirements for the new 5010 form. Melanie did a go to meeting with me to show me what we needed to enter and where it should be entered. She went over everything with me and sent me documents to refer to, to help me do them properly. Thank you Melanie!

Robbie - Subscription Billing/Family Stat CareEmployee: Melanie Zappia, Software Training Specialist II

Lisa did an awesome job with the Dr. Hofius training (very patient and willing to stop and answer all questions) and Michael is always “At the top of his game”. Many Thanks.

Valley Eye CenterEmployee: Lisa Davis, PM Training Specialist and Employee: Mike Smith, Product Implementation Specialist

Mr. Sizer was very knowledgeable and informative, as well as easily reachable after training was completed.

JongEmployee: Todd Sizer, EMR Training Specialist

AS ALWAYS… was very helpful in demonstrating, explaining and giving options available for us to show to our clients. I appreciate him taking the time to explore what was available to me, as an EMR trainer, to satisfy our client’s needs. Thank you!

Diane Flores - PACE TechnologiesEmployee: Todd Sizer, EMR Training Specialist

Thank you so much to Lisa Davis for all of her help both at MicroMD onsite training and again when she came out to our practice. As new users to MicroMD we had many questions and she answered them all and gave us confidence that we could learn the system!

Marilyn Saxton - Comprehensive Physician Associates LLCEmployee: Lisa Davis, Software Training Specialist II


Maria was very quick to get the key codes we needed to add providers to our practices. She also quickly made a correction when we noticed an error on our part. All employees are always patient and helpful in all support situations.

Ronda Ryer - NTMB/Practice AutomationsEmployee: Maria Marsteller, Account Specialist

Anytime I work with Debbie Votaw, I always have a very positive experience. She always gets it done in a timely manner with a great attitude. Wish all my vendor contacts were like her.

VinceEmployee: Debbie Votaw, Account Specialist